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5 benefits of lithium polymer batteries

by:HGB     2019-11-18
Apple affectionately called it a \"breakthrough battery\" and even carefully designed the aclever buzz event around it.
NASA\'s space rover can conquer the vast moon because of its seemingly infinite power.
Lithium polymer batteries are a popular technology and are becoming more and more popular from small to large
Thanks to its unlimited flexibility, scale applications for electronic products.
Here are five key advantages of lithium polymer that enable it to fulfill the dream of each device manufacturer: 1: they can be customized to fit perfectly with any device different from the normal battery, lithium polymer batteries do not have to be manufactured under heavy pressure
Close the metal box.
Because these batteries remain in the form of electrolytic solids or gel polymers, they can be made into strange shapes as thin as paper to accommodate any available space in any size device.
2: they are safer and more stable than other types of batteries due to non-batteries
Flammable polymer in the battery, lithium polymer even if it is punctured, dropped or run over by the vehicle, there is a slight explosion hazard.
Although like all batteries, it is important to be very careful to prevent overcharging.
3: their battery life is very long, because the lithium polymer battery has a strong resistance to temperature changes, it greatly increases the life cycle and the ability to maintain longer than other batteries.
4: they are easy to maintain and lithium polymer batteries can be stored for a month or two without significant loss of charge.
This saves the enterprise the trouble of assigning manpower to charge the battery without need.
5: Because lithium polymer batteries have a longer life, they are more eco-friendly and there is no need to discuss them earlier than you should.
In addition, the battery does not contain any solvent, lead acid or any solvent that is harmful to the environment.
Therefore, there is actually no risk of a toxic leak or the release of toxic smoke into the atmosphere.
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