Committed to be the most competitive technology-leading manufacturer of lithium batteries!                

1. Professional R&D team

HGB research team engineers are well educated which consists of 2 bachelors, 9 masters and 6 doctors. 80% of them have more than 10 years of battery design experiences in rechargeable lithium battery industry. In the past, our engineers’ hard work brought HGB over 17 Utility model patent certificates, which differentiated us from other lithium battery suppliers and made us stand out among competitors in the lipo battery and li-ion battery markets.

With continuous finance investment into new technologies research and development, we have gained lots of important achievements in return, such as the new generation ultra-thin high power batteries for e-cards and other thin electronics, curved lipo battery for many new electronics like e-watch, e-rings, e-glass, video glass, etc. We have high energy density lithium polymer battery cells, high temperature and low temperature li polymer battery which can work between -40℃ and 85℃, our high rate discharge lipo battery has reached up to 100C capability.

To speed up our steps forward higher level, we are planning to build a new R&D center where our engineers will have independent work area and several advanced labs for test and experiments of new lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery, BMS, and battery packs. More cooperation with schools and research centers will be put into schedules to attract more experts to join us.

2. Highly Efficient Service 

HGB battery is always aware of importance of professional services. Our service is included throughout the whole trade business, and is operated by well trained staff.

We will answer customers’ questions before sales to record their requirements, and the sales team will communicate with clients for more details of rechargeable battery solutions, like application type, voltage, capacity, work current, peak discharge current, shape, size, assemble, packing, delivery. After that, an OEM custom battery solution will be made and sent to the client. The after-sales team will ensure that the clients get their batteries, handles any possible complains, collect feedback and advice from clients on our lithium batteries.

All our service staff and sales team members have been trained well before starting their work in HGB. The training course includes improving battery work way, different materials introduction, battery and applications, lithium battery manufacturing steps, product using and maintenance, and polite manners in communications. All of staff are required to be able to speak and write English fluently.

Our final goal and motivations are to improve client’s satisfaction about our products and service. Every HGB office staff is glad and happy to help clients. We pay attention to each important detail and are responsible for increasing client’s benefits.

3. Advanced Equipment

To meet demand of updating battery production technologies, we also update part of the old equipment. The latest automatic production equipment and testing devices are all imported from Japan, Korea, the United States

In our workshop, we have 7 sets of different series of welding machines, 4 types of liquid injection systems, 12 stacker machines, vacuum mixers, 2 sets of slurry coating machines, electrode splitters, electrode vacuum dryers, electrode punchers, top sealing machine, printers, vacuum drying ovens, formation machines, capacity grading equipment, ect. Below are part of lithium battery manufacturing equipment.

4. Strict Quality Control 

High standard quality control in manufacturing process is one of the most important factors of most business success, we arranged QC inspection on each step, on some important part, the product and it’s multiple parameters (size, weights, voltage, capacity, impedance, and equipment temperature, environmental conditions etc,) can be tested by several different people, we determine to stop all possible problems before it go to client, it’s our rule and our responsibility.

Our inspections start from the very beginning of material purchased, then the first production step material mixing, then coating, after over 20 process, ends up with delivery to clients.

Another guaranty is from our skilled workers, most of who will accept one week training before starting their job in HGB battery manufacturing workshops, it saves lot of production time for customer orders, meantime necessary training improved their skills which leads to lower defects rate in manufacturing.


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