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airbus warned of lithium battery risks a year ago - presentation

by:HGB     2019-10-19
PARIS/DETROIT (Reuters)-Airbus EAD.
PA warned the aviation industry that lithium batteries were at risk before two security incidents led to the suspension of the 787 Dreamliner manufactured by its main competitor Boeing (BA. N)
According to a report seen by Reuters.
European aircraft manufacturers clarified the hazards of lithium at the airline customer forum in March 2012, noting the risks of explosion, smoke and leakage in the event of an explosion
It is called heat out of control or battery out of control.
Christine Bezard\'s slide shows that \"the risks associated with lithium batteries require the attention of the whole industry,\" and the Flight Safety head of the planned Airbus A350 aircraft will also use lithium batteries. U. S.
Japanese authorities are investigating battery fires and smoke incidents on two separate Dreamliners in recent weeks, with people focusing on their lithium-
Ion battery power supply.
Plans to use lithium Airbus
Ion batteries on A350 Jets declined to comment on the presentation.
Both Airbus and Boeing say their designs are safe. Lithium-
Ion batteries are widely used in smartphones and hybrid cars because they are lighter, smaller and more powerful than conventional nickel or leadacid batteries.
But if it\'s not properly managed, lithium
Ion batteries also explode, and according to the chemical composition, some batteries have a greater risk of fire than others.
Last year\'s Airbus presentation covered consumer goods carried in the cabin or stored as luggage, as well as batteries used in emergency equipment such as flashlights and signs, or in slides showing the A350, the system battery built into the aircraft.
It says the fire fighting gas Halon 1301 is effective in controlling the spread of fire in open fire and lithiumLithium ion and lithium
Polymer batteries and water can stop the spread of heat out of control in the transportation of goods.
It doesn\'t say whether the main battery on the A350 will install a fire extinguishing system, but industry insiders say the design requires harmful smoke emissions.
The Boeing 787 lack of fire extinguishing systems is one of the issues that the National Transportation Safety Commission is reviewing as it looks into the Boston Logan fire.
The battery housing is designed to contain any fire.
787 is the first passenger plane to use lithium.
Ion battery on the back
And auxiliary power supply.
Airbus declined to comment on the design of the A350 battery provided by the French company Saft SAFT. PA.
Saft said it would not comment on the A350 and submit the issue to Airbus.
Airbus spokesman Stefan Schaffrath said in an email: \"Airbus will look closely at the suggestions made in the 787 survey and assess whether they apply to the A350 . \".
In addition to the NTSB investigation, the Federal Aviation Administration is conducting a design review of 787.
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