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always running out of power? engineer reveals the four simple tricks that could extend your phone\'s battery life

by:HGB     2020-06-30
We all want our cell phone batteries to last longer.
So much so that some people will use bulky boxes
For example, Apple launched a model last week --
To improve battery life.
But there are some simple tricks that can help your phone to keep the power supply longer without any additional equipment.
Scroll down to view the video \"if you \'ve ever traveled abroad, you may have to turn off all the features of your phone except for phone calls and text messages,\" Paul Shearing, A chemistry engineer at University College London told the Daily Mail.
Turning off the extra features ensures that your battery lasts longer because there are a lot of hungry apps that run out of your battery without realizing it.
Shearing explained that smartphones use a lot of power just to keep the app up to date --to-date.
Turning off the \"background refresh\" settings on these apps saves power to keep your phone alive, as does notifications.
If you don\'t need to know who \"likes\" your status for this second, you can also disable notifications for this app and any other apps you don\'t need.
People think they \'ve come up with the trick of charging their phones, but it\'s really not a huge mystery, says Shearing.
\"There are a lot of hungry apps on your phone and you can save battery life by turning them off.
\"Shearing explained that he plugged his phone into the charger before going to bed and kept it up all night.
A phone usually takes only two to three hours to fully charge, but each phone has a management system that controls battery voltage, he said.
\"The software takes into account the power and voltage of the battery, so it doesn\'t matter if you let the phone charge for three or eight hours.
Another trick to improving battery life is to make sure the phone doesn\'t get too hot.
The smartphone is a mini phone.
In addition to cooling the fan, the computer and have the same components.
The CPU chip is also working hard when your phone is overheating, which takes up a lot of battery life for you.
The CPU chip is a very powerful component in computers and smartphones, similar to the car engine.
Like a car engine, the Coast doesn\'t need that much power, but you have to use more gas if you really want to be in the car.
Shearing says the iphone has a feature that turns off the phone when it gets too hot.
Lloyd Gordon, chief electrical safety officer at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, told Life Science that most of the advice you find online about keeping your phone fully charged is \"Bogs \".
Charging your phone for a short period of time, for example, will not help your battery stay longer, Gordon said, although many websites are positive about this.
How to turn off these features can make a big difference on different phone models.
Glasgow, October-
Experts at headquarters have created an interactive guide that reveals how to save battery life using tips for personal phones such as Apple\'s iphone, HTC and Samsung\'s range of devices, and Sony\'s phones.
Select your phone below: If the guide loads slowly, get the hint from the original version of liGo
Experts from retailer liGo have now created an interactive guide (pictured)
This reveals how tips specific to personal phones can be used to save battery life, such as Apple\'s iphone, a range of devices from HTC and Samsung, and Sony\'s phones.
Tips for scrolling on the screen also include older models, as well as phones from Motorola, LG, BlackBerry, Amazon, Huawei and Nokia-now known as Lumia.
Tips compiled by e-retailer liGO first ask the user to select their brand and model.
The image of the phone appears below, surrounded by tips to save battery life on that particular model.
Clicking the prompt shows the steps required to disable or enable the selected feature, as well as information about the cause of battery exhaustion.
In the module above, these tips scroll on the screen.
The guide does assume that smartphone owners run the mostto-
Date version available to the operating system.
Running the old system itself can cause battery problems.
According to the guidelines, for example, Apple iPhone 5S users can save battery life by managing which apps are updated in the background
Called Background App Refresh.
This feature is accessed by setting up, general, and turning off automatically updated applications.
Another suggestion for Samsung Galaxy S5 owners is to turn off the wake-up in the air.
The Smart Stay function can detect when people view the screen, which means that the display is still on, effectively disabling the automaticlocking.
This feature uses forward-
Facing the camera, so disabling it by setting can reduce power consumption.
For Windows Phone users seen on Lumia series devices and HTC One (M8)
For Windows, limiting the tiles fixed to the start will reduce power usage.
These blocks are automatically refreshed to display-to-
For example, the date of a Facebook post, tweet, email or weather detail, which uses the battery.
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