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ambrane launches 30000 mah pp 30 power bank, priced at rs 3,999

by:HGB     2019-10-17
Ambrane, a domestic electronics brand, launched the 30000 mAh power supply group--PP 30 --
The price is RS 3,999 in India.
With a black design, Power bank provides services in the leading retail and e-commerce sectors
Business stores across India.
According to the company, the PP 30 is compatible with most devices.
PP 30 power supply group features: fast charging 3.
0 technology, USB Type-
Port C and more power banks have charged 3 fast.
The company claims that the technology is 80% faster than charging through traditional power banks.
The power pack also comes with a USB Type-
The C port that can charge your device, or it can be used to charge the power group itself.
5 v/2A dual input with PP 30 (Micro + Type C)
Automatically adjust the output according to the device.
According to the company, the PP30 has 500 power cycles in its life cycle, requiring 13-
Charging for 17 hours can charge devices such as iPhone X 7 times, MI A2 5 times and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 5 times.
The power supply unit is made of lithium polymer 30000 mAh battery and has safety functions such as short circuit protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection and over voltage protection.
Ashok Rajpal, director of Ambrane India, said when talking about the latest addition to the company\'s product portfolio, \"Our vibrant lifestyle and an active device interface give us little chance to plug our phones into a wall socket.
The design fits the same and is 30000 mAh power supply group.
Whether it\'s your PUBG game conference, a movie marathon on Netflix or more. .
We got it done!
In November, Ambrane launched PP 12 power bank in the country.
The electric Bank has 10000 lithium.
Ion battery and one-year warranty.
The price is RS 1,799 and available in both red and blue colors.
Ambrane PP 12 is said to be BIS-approved.
It is equipped with a 500x discharge cycle and is compatible with most devices.
According to the requirements of the company, it can be completely
Charging 3000 smartphones on average 2-
3 times in its full load.
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