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analyzing the hacks : the girl in the spider\'s web explained

by:HGB     2020-06-02
The latest movie in the United States-
The millennial series, The Girl on the spider web, has just been released on Blu-ray.
Ray a few days ago.
As you would expect, there are a lot of hacking scenes in this movie, just like previous English and Swedish language films centered on hacker Liz sarandd.
Of course, with the rapid development of some scenarios, it may be difficult for hackers to keep up.
The Girl on the spider web actually failed at the box office.
While critics are not easy on plot or performance, there are many techniques in the film that deserve detailed research.
Seeing a relatively high degree of realism on this topic is a relief, as television and film studios are known for overproductionthe-
Top hacking scenarios (
We\'re talking about you, NCIS).
While the hacking scenes in this movie are not entirely descriptive, most of them are very short and vague, it doesn\'t mean they are less appealing.
Just because there is no language or even visual indication of how the attack or utilization is carried out does not mean that they are not legal.
However, it does make it difficult for us to determine how to recreate any hack.
If you buy blue light
Ray or DVD or digital download, replay hackers won\'t be enough to understand exactly what\'s going on in the scene.
But we\'re here to help.
We watched the movie over and over again, analyzing the hackers, gadgets and technologies inside, and we wanted to be able to reveal the utility of the bugs, software and applications used, and how the Inference attack might be executed.
Keep in mind that our analysis only uses the information provided in the movie, not books.
There are a lot of spoilers ahead that might apply to both cases at the same time, so it\'s at least worth watching a movie or reading the book before continuing. 1.
At the opening of the film, Lisbeth broke into Peter achgren\'s home, a CEO who abused his wife and was acquitted of assault on two women.
When Peter abused, the power of the whole apartment was cut off.
Peter investigated by approaching the home security system console and received a system reset request that he used to restore power to the home.
First of all, it would make more sense for Peter to check the circuit breaker if there was a power outage, but since the filmmakers might want to stress that the safety system is disabled, they beat the two together
After zooming in the image and enhancing clarity, the text in the console becomes clear: \"fault code 120-00-01.
\"Similar to the fault code found in the car, provides an identification code that can be used to diagnose the error situation in a programmed way and suggest an appropriate response for the terminal
Users and manufacturers.
The fault code seen here is not real, so I don\'t know how to call it.
Security systems may be disabled simply by cutting off the power of the entire apartment or building.
Home security systems usually have backup power for redundancy in the event of a power outage, but that doesn\'t seem to be the case in the movie.
Also, the security control panel issues an alert if tampered with, so it\'s hard to say how Lisbeth did that.
Unfortunately, there is not enough information on the site to speculate further.
Over the years, popular wireless consumer alerts have been very vulnerable to hacking through \"active interference\" (a rejection)of-service attack.
The control panel is wirelessly flooded with signals that prevent the receiver on the door from communicating with the control panel that the door has opened.
To get a full overview of this topic, check out Eric Escobar\'s talk about hacking your home security system with softwaredefined radio. 2.
When Peter hung upside down helplessly, Lisboa hacked Peter\'s smart phone-
From the ceiling, Lisbeth picked up his smartphone and plugged in a small USB type
C flash drive with blue light. The USB-
The C device holding the payload will automatically bypass the lock screen, giving Lisbeth full access to his bank account.
At first glance, hackers seem to have a gorgeous terminal pop-up on the screen.
If we learn more about what is going on, it shows something interesting.
First of all, top of pop music
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