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cmrl to install solar lights at staff quarter premises | chennai news - times of india

by:HGB     2020-06-25
Chennai: in order to maximize the use of renewable energy, the subway will install solar street lamps in the staff quarters of Koyambedu.
The company has been bidding for the supply and installation of 50-watt solar street lamps.
In addition, solar street lights will be installed at various subway stations and solar panels will be installed to generate 6 mw of electricity.
Officials say a total of 35 such lights will have lithium installed-
Once the contractor is selected, the Ion battery backup will be completed within six months.
Earlier, they installed 25 solar street lamps with similar capacity and batteries at various subway stations including Koyambedu and Alandur.
The Metro has made efforts to increase the use of green energy and reduce power consumption by installing solar panels in Koyambedu\'s administrative office.
Photovoltaic panels with installed capacity of 1 mw generate more than 5000 units per day for power supply to the power system of the administrative office and for train maintenance work in the depot.
Officials said the unit is expected to save more than Rs 1.
CMRL 12 grams per year.
Up to 25 locations with a total area of more than 1.
Four lakh square meters were identified for this purpose.
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