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HGB low temperature lithium ion battery series for public security

HGB low temperature lithium ion battery series for public security

HGB low temperature lithium ion battery series for public security
  • HGB low temperature lithium ion battery series for public security
  • HGB low temperature lithium ion battery series for public security

HGB low temperature lithium ion battery series for public security

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                              Low temperature battery HGB11090185 25C 20Ah

                                                                           HGB low temperature lithium ion battery series for public security-1

Low temperature battery adopts special process and special materials. It has good charging and discharging performance under low temperature. It can be used at -40℃~60℃ and the discharging capacity of 0.2C at -40℃ is over 80% of initial capacity, so it is suitable for subzero temperature.

Application:military weapon, aerospace, missile carrier, scientific investigation of polar region, emergency handling on frigid zone, electric power telecommunication, public security, medical electronics, rail way, vessel, robot, etc.

LiFePo4 Low Temperture battery cell list
No.ModelCapacity(MAH)Voltage(V)Discharge RateCont. working current Dimensionworking temperature

HGB low temperature lithium ion battery combines different bedding design principles. Because only by sticking to all the principles can we create a successful and compelling design.
The fabric of HGB low temperature lithium ion battery is not treated with formaldehyde resin, one of the most toxic chemical fabric finishes and it’s designed not to wash out.
The main tests are carried out when testing HGB low temperature lithium ion battery. These tests include adhesion tests, color fastness tests, assembly tests, and adhesion tests for signs and labels.
HGB low temperature lithium ion battery is manufactured using various machines and equipment. They are a milling machine, sanding equipment, spraying equipment, auto panel saw or beam saw, CNC processing machine, straight edge bender, etc.
HGB low temperature lithium ion battery will be assessed in a comprehensive manner. The assessment is mainly related to the mechanical properties, such as corrosion resistance, fatigue failure, structural strength, and toughness.
In order to eliminate the possibility of all defects, the product needs to be thoroughly inspected by a professional quality inspector.
Superior performance and long service life make the product competitive.
A number of quality tests will be carried out to ensure that products meet industry quality standards.
In order to meet customers' expectations and industry standards, products must pass strict quality inspection before leaving the factory.
Our strict quality management system guarantees that our products are always in the best quality.
We implement quality control system to ensure products without defects.
The product not only helps provide a clean bathroom environment but also it helps people relax their bodies and minds.
As global climate change progresses and extreme weather becomes more widespread, which will likely drive electricity prices higher. Hence, using this product to help people reduce electricity expenditure is a good choice.
This product can offer environmental benefits to people. It can effectively reduce waste and pollution thanks to its low energy consumption.
Each seaming joint is finely handled, and the seam force is strong because it keeps the same even I pull it or tear it. Said one of our customers.
Employing this product with the latest technology will allow manufacturers to complete work and projects with minimal quality defects.
The product provides a perfect balance of form and function – a great aesthetic appeal that combines the building's architectural style together with the style of furniture in the building, resulting in a practical design that gives the building a modern look.
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