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HGB showcased its extensive range of products in the 135th Canton Fair

HGB showcased its extensive range of products in the 135th Canton Fair


HGB was honored to participate in the 135th Canton Fair held from April 15th to 19th, 2024, showcasing its extensive range of products. As a leading provider 

of battery solutions, HGB presented a variety of products at the exhibition, including drone batteries, portable power stations, home energy storage systems, and 

automotive/motorcycle jump starts.

During the exhibition, HGB's booth attracted the attention of numerous visitors. Through product demonstrations and interactions with attendees, the company 

showcased the high quality, outstanding performance, and innovative design of its battery products. In particular, the high-power outdoor portable power stations

garnered significant interest from outdoor sports enthusiasts and household users due to their sleek design and powerful functionality.

Engaging with customers and industry peers from around the world provided valuable market feedback and business opportunities for HGB. In-depth discussions

on battery technology, performance advantages, and market trends will contribute to HGB's ongoing development in the battery industry.

Overall, participating in the 135th Canton Fair was a successful journey for HGB, demonstrating its innovative strength and influence in the battery field. As a 

company committed to excellence, HGB will continue to strive to provide customers with high-quality products and superior services to meet the evolving 

market demands.

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