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make an inexpensive lithium-ion battery pack

by:HGB     2020-06-03
I started the project to get my phone to work on a long bike trip.
I need a battery that is light weight and cheap to put on my tour bike.
Unfortunately, the new price for the lithium battery I need is $200.
Add another charger and power, which is $100.
Batteryspace is my favorite place to get battery-related information online.
You can see similar batteries here.
Thanks to some good luck, I spent about $100 piecing together an 8 amp hour battery.
A lot of welding is needed for this project.
You don\'t have to be super skilled;
Just a bunch of wires, it\'s very easy to weld the PCB.
I use this as a headlights, taillights, radio and phone charger on my bike.
If the battery is the heart of Li-
Then the PCB is the brain.
This is what I use. It was 6.
Space 50 in Bart.
It is easy to weld wires on PCB.
It is designed to prevent solder from spilling over to the rest of the board.
Depending on the number of batteries, voltage and capacity, the variety of PCBs is different.
Here is a list of all the PCBs you can use on batteryspace, with a total of 18650.
Here are the specs I use and I will explain what everything means. . .
Electrical Performance: single-section overcharge protection voltage: 4.
The over-discharge protection voltage of a single battery is 35 V: 2.
40 v overcurrent detection protection: 4-
6A power supply current: maximum 30uA short circuit protection circuit resistance:
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