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Model plane hobbyists know the risks of lithium-ion batteries

by:HGB     2019-11-17
The scale model of a Reaper drone rumbles on the runway and is powered by plastic propellers and lithium into the Canadian gray skyion battery.
A few seconds later, when the small plane crashed back to Earth, white smoke began to emerge from the wreckage.
\"Why is it on fire?
\"Before the bright orange flame starts shooting from the crash site, an amateur asks another amateur.
The tired Reply captured in the video is: \"battery.
Small and powerful lithium
The ion power supply has changed the world of radio.
They make smartphones thinner, power tools work longer, and electric cars go further.
But there have been two serious incidents this month involving rechargeable batteries for Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Aircraft enthusiasts already know. lithium-
Ion technology is accompanied by inherent dangers.
Considering the amount of lithiumion batteries —
According to industry data, more than 4 billion rechargeable batteries were produced last year
Fires are not common.
After the battery-
Federal investigators say the electric Chevrolet Volt was ignited in a test accident in 2011.
In the United States, more than 20 electric vehicles catch fire every hour.
However, some risks still exist and the results may be amazing.
When the battery of the phone overheata rare event —
It can pop itself up with a loud \"pop\", leaving traces of Singapore. Lithium-
As each battery (usually the size of a man\'s finger) lights up gradually, there may be a long fire in the ion battery pack.
\"It could be a smoke bomb.
This could be a flame Flater, \"said Gerard Back, senior engineer at Hughes Associates, a fire fighter.
A Baltimore conservation company investigating the Volt incident.
\"I see them look like every kind of fireworks you can imagine.
Boeing and other manufacturers are keenly aware of this danger and have built in safety features designed to keep the voltage within the safety range, prevent short circuit and make damage when problems arise. Lithium-
Ion batteries in laptops and other consumer devices should be turned off instead of overheating, which can cause a fire.
Although the danger is not eliminated, the danger is minimized in this way.
Technology Trade-
In this vast world of radio, off has played a particularly significant mitigation role.
Controlled aircraft enthusiasts focusing on lithium
Ion batteries have a mixture of fear and dedication, even if they are under unusual pressure.
As a result, it is generally accepted that portable power supplies that also allow fast, long, elegant flights occasionally cause these fragile toys to catch fire --
Often but not always after a crash.
\"They make life better and easier, but you have to manage risk,\" said Dave Brewster, 43 . \" He is a professional pilot in Toronto who drives the radio.
As a hobby control model aircraft.
\"Everything in the flight is to reduce risk.
\"Brewster\'s Reaper drone crashed and caught fire on its first flight in August 2011, destroying a model that cost him hundreds of dollars and hours of work.
Like many people who have suffered this misfortune, he uploaded the video to YouTube, equivalent to an emerging lithium --battery-
Related disaster movie starring Radio
Control model-
It\'s not just planes, but cars and boats. (
Burning remains of a pair of twins
The engine model aircraft was released in October 2009 and watched more than 479,000 times, accompanied by the soundtrack \"amazing elegance\" played by the bagpipes \". ”)
In such a video, there is a sense of humor in the gallows, where cheers and laughter can be heard in the midst of intense destruction.
However, the potential danger is taken seriously.
Stories abound about burned hands and serious property losses, including batteries
Fire related to destroying cars, garages and houses.
Hobbyists have harsh warnings on their websites and long chat threads that discuss risks. At radio-
Controlled aircraft performance, normally prohibited from charging indoors unless the battery remains in the flameresistant bags.
Craig Pitcock, a 41-year-old amateur, said: \"I asked my friends to blow off the end of their fingers with them . \" He posted a paragraph of his F-on YouTube-
Phantom model on Arizona battlefield
\"The voltage is incredible.
\"Before lithium arrived --
Ion technology, Hobbyists rely on messy liquid fuel, or occasionally on old-fashioned batteries that can barely get the model off the ground.
\"20 years ago, someone would laugh at you if you said \'electric plane\',\" Pitcock said . \". Lithium-
Ion battery packs can also revolutionize aviation, making aircraft lighter and less fuel.
Security officials are still investigating the cause of the dreamy battery pack incident.
The plane was ordered to stop in the United States and several other countries this week.
According to the International Airline Pilots Association, the battery carried in the cargo hold of the cargo aircraft is suspected to be a possible factor in two fatal accidents in recent years, and the company is lobbying for the classification of cells as dangerous goods, special treatment is required, sufficient fire fighting and notification of the pilot carrying them.
Mark Rogers, director of the dangerous goods program at the Pilots Association, said cargo planes sometimes pile tens of thousands of cells on pallets, adding to the danger.
\"There is no way to design a solution to the problem,\" he said . \".
\"No matter what you do, there will be events happening to you. ”Lithium-
The ion battery pack is usually made up of a single battery.
There are three layers on each floor.
One with positive electricity, one with negative electricity, and the third is a \"separator\" film that keeps the charged layer separate.
There is also an organic fluid that is flammable at high temperatures.
When electricity moves in an uncontrolled manner between the layer with positive and negative electricity, the fire begins.
The cause may be manufacturing defects or damage-
Anything that allows both positive and negative layers of contact will result in short contact
Experts call it \"hot out of control \".
Manufacturer of lithium
Ion batteries say their technology is safe when international standards are followed.
The problem mainly occurs at a lower level.
George Kashmir, executive director of the charging battery Association, said quality, counterfeit batteries, or improper transportation of batteries or improper handling by consumers.
\"When you destroy these cells and abuse them, you will definitely have problems,\" he said . \".
For those who fly by radio
Control model aircraft, fire usually occurs when the battery is overcharged, or when a short circuit is caused by a wiring errorcircuits.
Of course, there is also a crash: the resulting damage can lead to wire contact, a tear of the separator film, or a positive and negative level of direct contact with each other.
The damage can be so subtle that a battery that is apparently not damaged will catch fire long after the accident.
Amateurs say that when their battery packs become \"puffy\" they feel dangerous, which is usually the first sign of gas causing heat to get out of control.
Kerchner of the charging battery Association says he and his sons have been flying for a long time
Controlled helicopter powered by lithium
There is no problem with the ion battery.
\"We love them,\" he said, \"but we won\'t hit them on the ground to see if they explode. ”
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