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One friend has this dell CC154 battery, and he has so questions about the laptop battery. That s

by:HGB     2020-06-13
A friend has this Dell CC154 battery and he has a lot of questions about the laptop battery.I was impressed by this article.This is on batteries of different materials.At present, LiThe most popular is ion batteries.
They are not only light in weight, but also long in life.Li-has a slight memory effection battery.You can use it tens of thousands of times.Also, it won\'t overheat if you overcharge.
Moreover, they are relatively thin.
That\'s why it can be widely used in current laptops.This CC154 battery belongs to this type.Besides the li-Ion battery, nickel-CD (NiCad) batteries and nickel-metal hydroxide (NiMH) batteries.They have their own advantages.For NiCad batteries, it is common in older laptops.
You can see this battery on your old laptop.However, due to the memory effect, the continuous use of the battery will gradually increase the effect.Over time, the cells create bubbles.Therefore, it reduces the capacity of the battery.
The only way to solve this problem is to completely discharge the battery.So there is a very obvious flaw in this battery: explosion.That\'s terrible.As for the nickel metal hydroxide (NiMH) battery, it is a crossProducts between lithium batteries and nickelCD battery.
Later, it was replaced by a lithium battery.Like the Dell CC154 battery, it is made of lithium.Many laptops equipped with lithiumBattery life is 5 hours.
This is not the case.
Hard disk drives, other disk drives, and LCD displays consume a lot of battery power.Even if you browse the internet over a wireless connection, it will consume some battery power.Power management software is installed on many laptops to extend low battery power or save energy.
With the development of technology, the quality and capacity of the laptop battery have been improved.Its performance also tends to be stable.This provides more convenience for merchants who travel frequently using laptops.In the new future, we can use higher quality batteries.
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