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questions linger on battery prices in electric car industry …

by:HGB     2019-11-24
By Kevin cameronect.
23,2012 battery manufacturer A123, lithium producer
The ion batteries of hybrid cars produced by GM and Fisk motors were created by MIT scientists in 2001 and filed for bankruptcy in October. 16.
Zinc producer Volt Technology
There are air batteries at North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon.
Quit last week.
Ener1, another battery company, broke down in January.
Of course, the company has been failing for various reasons, and in startups, the incidence will inevitably be high.
Ups in emerging industries.
But the bankrupt company received millions of dollars in government subsidies and loan guarantees.
In the business of driving electric cars and being independent of foreign oil --
This is another matter, especially in the pot of the election year.
In addition to the inevitable birth of new goals for political views --
Rating, these failures lead to doubts caused by listless sales of plug-ins
In a hybrid like Chevrolet Volt, it recently took 4-
Manufacturing took a week off due to overstocking and appliances such as Nissan Leaf.
In the avalanche of the new hybrid
Hybrid and batteryonly models —
By the end of 2015, Toyota alone had 21 new models
Industry executives have been faced with the question of whether there is enough production capacity to meet demand.
China has shut down some battery manufacturers that violate environmental standards, and popular consumer electronics such as the iPad and the latest iphone are also producing batteries in large quantities.
\"We don\'t see any supply difficulties,\" said Anand Sankaran, executive technology leader in energy storage and high technology.
Ford\'s voltage system.
\"There is no shortage of raw materials, but there is a time frame for capacity,\" he added . \" He refers to the time lag in achieving capacity.
In the long run, the more critical ad is whether the key lithium ion battery will become cheap enough at a fast enough speed to make pure electric and plug
Hybrid cars in economical and practical.
After a rapid price drop of 1990, the pace slowed.
\"Our view is that the cost of batteries is falling . \"
Sankaran said he added that there was a consensus that by 2020 the price of batteries would be at a cost-effective level --
In the range of $200 to $250 per kilowatthour.
This is a sharp drop from $1,000-a-kilowatt-
Until recently, hourly costs have been the rule of thumb for the automotive industry.
To understand the impact of price drops on new EV window stickers, keep in mind that Ford Fox Electric has 23-kilowatt-hour battery.
All new Tesla-
The electric S car is equipped with a battery pack of 85 KW.
Hours, according to the official rating of the Environmental Protection Agency, the mileage of the car is 265 miles.
The price of the battery is not one-size-fits-all matter, Mr.
Sankaran explained, but varies depending on the type of vehicle and the intended use.
He distinguished so-
Known as a power battery, it can be quickly discharged to get a huge acceleration, just like a sports car and an energy battery, which will be a more suitable vehicle, their top priority is the frugal operation and long-distance driving.
This specialization affects the cost of lithium
Ion batteries, because these differences need to be customized to the production process according to each type.
Battery experts warn against over-simplifying battery prices to $per-kilowatt-
Because there are additional necessities, including assembling a single battery into a large battery pack and cooling and heating units, there is an hour of storage capacity.
The more dense the battery packs to minimize the space they occupy in the vehicle, the more they need a way to extract the heat they generate during use.
The electronic control system that regulates the motor is also an expensive part of the vehicle\'s electrified.
DC for battery-
The familiar positive and negative connection of the flashlight is a good example --
However, efficient drive motors need to be AC, that is, AC motors used in household appliances.
The power supply uses a large transistor to convert one into another, while supplying power according to the needs of the driver.
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At the moment, Sir.
Sankaran said sales of hybrid batteries will be the highest. Plug-
In hybrid cars, since they are only driven by battery power at a large distance, it is usually necessary to triple the quality of the battery (and cost)of a hybrid.
Electrical equipment must carry more. As a result, Sir.
\"Ford\'s approach is what we call the power of choice,\" Sankaran said.
People have different needs.
\"We are not stipulating one solution instead of another,\" he said . \".
\"Hybrid cars will be more attractive to most customers.
In other words, Ford will let the market decide. Mr.
Sankaran noted that a major source of resistance to the sale of hybrid or electric vehicles is the need to sacrifice performance or amenities in exchange for new green technologies.
He advertised to solve the problem.
Sankaran said, \"We are trying to give a complete package without sacrifice.
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