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by:HGB     2020-08-07

my iphone 5 is dead due to low battery and didnt begin after that. I assume for coming convenience I’ll cost to eighty% and when it drops to lower than 3.7v I’ll charge it. I didn’t see any advantage to it, and I comprehend it was incorrect, as a result of it will report the same percentage that my phone would report, while I might inform from my voltage that I had a lot more juice left.

I could as nicely take the opportunity to add a observe on the Li-polymer batteries I was taking part in with that talked about in my first post. I am now wondering just how ‘authoritative’ this text really is if the writer actually believes that the manufacturers are referring to temperature! My cell battery is not working correctly from final many days. How to verify Battery open situation, What is Battery open situation normally. Comment- I’d love to see “Figure three” charging to four.1v as a substitute of four.2.

It appears nice but im simply worried in a pair months it’ll kick in and my battery wont last so long as it does now as i just obtained the telephone. Should i make sure that mysamsung tab4 baterry absolutely empty then recharge it or is it ok to cost it even if its not totally empty. So, personally I think Li-batteries are a much better expertise than NiMH, particularly long-time period.

More capacity (900mAh vs 500mAh) leads to more hours of run-time… that's what “mAh” means… how many milliAmps of load for what number of hours. This is a great publish about Li Ion batteries, and I wish to learn more.

And indeed, both my phone and the app would say, for instance, that I was at 1% (it by no means says zero%), and it will last another day. Im making an attempt to observe what you stated about voltage rather than proportion. I unibstalled the app however from what I keep in mind is if you click on under the circle the little icon is clickable and bringa up battery info.
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