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u.n. agency bans lithium-ion batteries on passenger aircraft

by:HGB     2020-06-30
MONTREAL (Reuters)-The U. N.
The airline banned the transportation of lithium on Monday-
After pilots and aircraft manufacturers are concerned about the risk of fire in ion batteries, ion batteries are used as cargo on passenger planes.
Lithium metal batteries for watches have been banned on global passenger planes.
The lithium metal battery used in the watch does not need to be charged while the lithium-
Ion batteries for mobile phones and laptops can be charged.
International Civil Aviation Organization 36-
The State Council said the ban will take effect from April 1 and will continue until a new fire.
A packaging-resistant standard is designed to transport batteries. Lithium-
Ion batteries can still be transported on cargo planes.
In a statement, the president of the ICAO council, olouiwa Bennard arliu, said the new packaging standards are expected to be introduced by 2018.
The ban is mandatory for ICAO member states.
Pilots and aircraft manufacturers are concerned that existing standards are not enough to contain a lithium battery fire.
A 2015 working paper written by organizations represented by aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing found that the fire-fighting system on the aircraft at present cannot \"suppress or extinguish fires caused by a large number of lithium batteries \".
But a dangerous goods expert familiar with ICAO\'s thinking questioned the ban on lithium
Ion batteries can really make passenger planes safer.
He said that such battery fire incidents usually involve the shipper deliberately labeling the battery.
\"When the industry banned the transportation of lithium --
\"Metal batteries, we see examples of them being spread as lithium-ion batteries,\" the expert said . \" He was not authorized to speak publicly.
\"Those who do not comply now will not comply with the ban.
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