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Why You Should Not Buy Unbranded Mobile Phones

by:HGB     2020-06-14
In the past few years, the demand for mobile phones has brought many new players to the mobile phone market.Just a decade ago, for example, there were only three major players in the mobile phone market, but that number is rising.This is good news and bad news for buying customers.
While they have more options in terms of features, services and models, the usual customers also have to trek through the ocean of substandard phones.Recently, the mobile phone market is filled with some brand-free phones that are surprisingly cheap.Whenever you purchase any equipment, you should make sure that you are covered with a written, signed and stamped warranty.
Most of these non-branded phones will not provide you with a warranty, or the warranty file will be a sloppy thing and will not satisfy you on your first reading.In fact, in some countries such as India.So how do you want to use a phone with five speakers when you attend an important business meeting?Frankly, these phones without brands rarely have a beautiful look and are made of some ugly bulky material.In addition, in some cases, the materials used may even be harmful to people, and the manner in which the installation may cause harm to the user.
The only advantage of these non-branded phones is that it gives a message to major handset manufacturers, the huge market for cheap phones, with features stripped off.So today most mobile phone manufacturers have models that target the cheap and very cheap mobile phone market.These are the three most important reasons why you shouldn\'t buy a brand-free phone.
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