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will battery-less solar power system find takers? - the …

by:HGB     2020-06-25
Whether domestic consumers will accept the power supply of batteries
Few solar power generation systems on the roof?
This issue was highlighted after solar product manufacturers raised concerns about some aspects of the state government\'s subsidy program for domestic consumers, who chose to install roof solar systems.
As part of the government plan, Capital incentives for Rs.
20,000 will be provided to domestic consumers who install 1-1kilo watt (KW)battery-
Photo of roof solar-voltaic system.
The system must be connected to the grid of the electricity generation and distribution company in Tamil Nadu (TANGEDCO).
In addition to the 30-cent subsidy provided by the federal government, the state government\'s incentives will be.
This year, according to the state government\'s plan, 5,000 domestic consumers will initially be selected.
As the approximate cost of the battery-
There are few solar power generation systems. 1 lakh [
This is the benchmark cost of the joint energy department for new energy and renewable energy]
The beneficiary is expected to pay the rupee.
50,000, the balance will be paid through the plans of the central and state governments.
Energy Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (TEDA)
The state government\'s incentive scheme will be implemented and the subsidy amount will be coordinated with the center.
Clarify the point of view of the manufacturer part, K. E.
Raghungren, general manager of Solkar solar industry, believes that batteries-
If there is no power cut, a smaller system will be appropriate.
His view is that the system does not generate electricity when Tanglewood does not have a power grid or electricity supply.
Solar energy will only be delivered to the grid when there is power grid.
That\'s why he insists on using a rooftop solar system with batteries.
An official at TEDA replied that people had to look at the basic goals behind the installation of a roof solar system.
If the consumer wants to solve the load reduction problem, he or she can use the inverter with the cost of about Rs well. 15,000.
You don\'t have to buy batteries in this case
The cost of a roof solar system around Rs is less. 1 lakh.
However, the purpose of choosing such a system is basically to promote the use of renewable energy.
Another question raised by Mr.
Raghungren is about the availability of energy meters for solar systems.
The official response said that the meter would be part of the system provided by the supplier to the beneficiary.
These suppliers will be acquired by TEDA soon and they will indicate the cost of their system.
Despite these concerns, the plan has generated positive reactions from others.
R Sivakumar, chief operating officer of Borg energy India, said this incentive and electricity savings will enable people to fully understand the usefulness of solar systems.
Vineeth Vijayaraghavan is an advocate of renewable energy and operates non-renewable energy
According to profit plan Solarillion, people can achieve a lot of savings, such as Rs.
50,000-when they choose the batteryless systems.
However, he has a suggestion to make.
There should be a clause to offset the loss of solar power generation that may not be consumed at the time of load cutting.
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