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2018 Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award Publicity

2018 Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award Publicity


Project Name :Development and Research of New Ultra Thin Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
Main Completion Unit :HGB Battery Co.,Ltd.
Main Completion Person(Positional Titles,Completion Unit,Work Unit)
Hu Changqing(Intermediate,HGB Battery Co.,Ltd.,Overall project planning )

Project Profile

Main technical content of the project

1.Introduce high-voltage materials,Carbon nano-tube,Graphene and other frontier materials to optimize the material system and improve energy density and performance.

2.Adopt difference two-sided effect surface coating technology to rationalize the density difference of two sides and guarantee its processing function.

3.Self-developed automatic equipment bag making machine,put the polar film into a finished coating diaphragm bag, make full use of space.

4.Research and development of ultra-thin battery punching die,with the help of the self-developed top-side sealing fixture to realize of integrated package of cell.

5.Adopting parallel formation technique to optimize the aging formation to ensure the qualified rate of the battery.

Status of patent authorizations
1.Patent of invention《 An ultra-thin polymer lithium-ion battery and a preparation method thereof 》   Patent number:ZL201110252610.7

2.Patent for utility models 《 An ultra-thin polymer lithium-ion battery 》Patent number:ZL201120320986.2

Technical and Economic indicators, applications and Economic benefits.
Since the implementation of this project, we have applied for and obtained one patent for invention and one patent for utility model,and a batch production of ultra-thin polymer lithium-ion battery upon completion of the project.Our company has built ultra-thin polymer lithium-ion batter.In the first quarter of 2017, we achieved daily production of 30, 000 PCS,. At the end of 2017, we achieved daily production of 50, 000 PCS,with 5 target customers, and achieved sales of 86 million in the whole year.The use of ultra-thin polymer lithium-ion batteries has accelerated the development of smart bank cards and credit cards.It is beneficial to prevent credit card theft, to safeguard the rights and interests of financial issuers and cardholders, and to play a positive role in maintaining the stability of the financial system.At the same time,its application in the field of ultra-thin products has promoted the development of related industries, promoted the adjustment of industrial structure, improved the living standard and quality of the people.

Intellectual property name :
Patent 1:< An ultra-thin polymer lithium-ion battery and a preparation method thereof >(ZL201110252610.7)
Patent2:< An ultra-thin polymer lithium-ion battery > (ZL201120320986.2)

Promotion and application :
The daily production of the project reached 60, 000 pcs at the end of 2016.In the second quarter of 2017, it achieved a daily production of 100,000 PCS, with 5 target customers. The annual sales volume reached 200 million yuan, and the profit rate maintained at 50 % -80 %. Take advantage of the industry's starting advantage and technological precipitation,to become a well-known brand in the industry in the next year .

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