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Zhuhai key Product Promotion catalogue Certificate 3

Zhuhai key Product Promotion catalogue Certificate 3


The main performance indicators of the product:
1.Using high voltage material system, greatly increased the design space of battery and raised the energy density .
2.Selecting the low viscosity and safety electrolytes to ensure that the material can fully infiltrate under the condition of high pressure and increase the retention value to ensure the cycle performance of the battery. The main indicators are as follows:
Battery energy density reaches 255wh/kg.500 cycles capacity >70%.Thickness expansion<8%.3C5V no fire, no explosion.

Energy-saving and environment-friendly intelligent home appliances, general aviation, rail transit equipment,High-end printing equipment and environmentally friendly consumables, new energy vehicles, ships and marine engineering equipment manufacturing,High-end petrochemical industries and clean energy industries, software and integrated circuit design,Smart Grid, Internet , Biomedicine, New Materials, 3D Printing, Mobile Internet, etc.

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