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Zhuhai key Product Promotion catalogue Certificate 4

Zhuhai key Product Promotion catalogue Certificate 4


The maintainability of the product
Energy index:Considering the weight and rate discharge performance of the battery,optimizing the formula, surface density, foil type and other project design, to meet the needs of customers and maximize the energy density of the battery.

The main indicators are as follows:
Single cell weight<300g,energy density="" can="" reach="" kg.100="" cycle="" capacity="">80%, Continuous discharge current:80A,instant:250A.

Mainly used in agricultural plant protective machine,RC aircraft,ect.

Comparative Analysis of Product and leading level at Home and Abroad:
1.The battery product of high energy density plant protector has high energy density, which improves the aircraft's ability of life.
2.Battery rate discharge performance is good,ensuring smooth flight when the aircraft takes off and performs actions and other high-power consumption.The battery cycle performance is good, and the service life is long.

Energy-saving and environment-friendly intelligent home appliances, general aviation, rail transit equipment,High-end printing equipment and environmentally friendly consumables, new energy vehicles, ships and marine engineering equipment manufacturing,High-end petrochemical industries and clean energy industries, software and integrated circuit design,Smart Grid, Internet , Biomedicine, New Materials, 3D Printing, Mobile Internet, etc.

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