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Zhuhai key Product Promotion catalogue Certificate 1

Zhuhai key Product Promotion catalogue Certificate 1


Main performance:
1.The high voltage and high rate material system is used to improve the design space and energy density of the battery.
2.Optimized formula, surface density and other design, make the high voltage system has excellent performance of discharge rate , to meet the power demand of the product

The main indicators are as follows:
Battery energy density reaches 220wh/kg;After high rate discharge 100 cycle capacity > 70% ,Full voltage to 4.35v,Battery weight less than 280g

Comparative analysis of products from domestic and foreign’s leading level:

With the continuous improvement of product safety requirements in aerospace technology industry,It also puts forward higher safety requirements for drone batteries."z" shaped lamination Technology and Multi-layer Welding Machine Technology for traditional UAV batteries, The alignment error of positive and negative electrode is large in production process. And there have a significant impact of assembling on layer. And product is not good in the ability of life endurance capacity and so on.

We use high voltage and high rate material system to improve the battery design space and energy density.Optimized formula, surface density, etc., to make the high voltage system have excellent rate discharge performance to meet the power demand of the product. so we had developed a high discharge drone battery with full independent intellectual property rights.The battery has the advantages of high energy density, high rate discharge performance, high safety performance and low production cost. It can be widely used in UAV, RC model and other fields.

Energy-saving and environment-friendly intelligent home appliances, general aviation, rail transit equipment,High-end printing equipment and environmentally friendly consumables, new energy vehicles, ships and marine engineering equipment manufacturing,High-end petrochemical industries and clean energy industries, software and integrated circuit design,Smart Grid, Internet , Biomedicine, New Materials, 3D Printing, Mobile Internet, etc.

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