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9 best mobile phone battery chargers

by:HGB     2020-02-22
If you\'re going to the wilderness this summer, or just go for a holiday, check out the best phone charger we \'ve chosen to keep you on. From the sci-
Fi Bruton Hydrogen Reactor in the handbag-
The Anker Astro Mini of the size, we chose the big, small, unusual phone charger, which means that you can find the emergency battery pack regardless of your budget or package size.
The phone charger is getting smaller, more powerful, the packaging is getting new and more unusual, and it\'s hard to determine which charger is best for your trip.
We looked at the power pack from high tech to rugged and found the best case and charger to keep you going throughout your trip. 1.
Anker Astro Pro 2,60, amazonWith 20,000 mAh capacity and smooth, brushed metal finish, this charger is big and beautiful.
It is equipped with enough power to charge most phones and laptops multiple times and is equipped with a range of connectors so you can connect it to almost any gadget (though not a Mac ).
If you want to gain power without sacrificing space or style, this is our choice. Buy now2.
Johnhie Space Pack, 104, johnlewis this charger will double your battery and do the same for your storage device
When you get there, give you space to enjoy the music and pictures from your journey.
It offers all of this, with 16 gb or 32 gb versions and a range of colors in the case of wrapping your phone and protecting it.
The extra features make this a bit expensive, but it can prove useful if you often find yourself running out of space and need to charge. Buy now3.
The 10-year-old Anker Astro Mini is the size and shape of an oral tube.
It offers much less power than its big competitors.
Although most mobile phones have a similar charge at a time
However, there is less space occupied.
The circle can be irritating or small if you don\'t want it to roll, but if you only need a little charge, it may be worth putting in your bag. Buy now4.
Powermonkey Extreme, 87, amazonIf this charger may be what you need if your camping place is more Extreme than the festival grounds.
It is durable, waterproof and comes with a solar charger with a large capacity.
Maybe a bit more for a light camp, but if you go out in the wild but don\'t want a power cut on your device, it could be a perfect thing to do. Buy now5.
Monster PowerCard, 22, amazonThis slips in your wallet and charges your phone quickly.
This is the size of a credit card, but it has three times the power of other chargers and has five smooth brushed metals of different colors.
It\'s bigger than other Chargers, but the handy shape means you can put it in your wallet and forget about it. Buy now6.
PowerBee executive solar cell phone charger, £ 20, there are a lot of portable battery chargers on the Amazon market that can charge themselves using solar, but many of them are more troublesome than their value.
However, the 3500 mAh PowerBee charger works fine, roughly the phone chargershaped.
Perfect if you leave for a while and can\'t come back
Charge the chargerBuy now7.
HooToo TripMate, 28, amazonThis does almost everything: not content with simple charging, it\'s also a wi-
The Fi router can also put the hard disk into the network connection storage (NAS.
5,200 of the battery pack won\'t go too far when it does all this, so if you need a lot of charging, it\'s better to go somewhere else and have a look.
But if these extra features are attractive
For example, if you travel with someone else or equipment, or use mains-
It may be worth a look. Buy now8.
The Bruton Hydrogen Reactor, £ 137, Amazon if you want to talk more about industrial sounds in the camp, or just a few topics, then that might be the problem.
The hydrogen cell battery on which the charger depends is not as terrible as it sounds --
You can fill them up in a camping store for about 4 pounds --
It also provides power to charge about 15 AA batteries or three iPhones.
It sounds like there\'s a lot of power and science fiction. Buy now9.
ChargeKey, £ 20, amazonone none of these charging options include wires to connect your phone or tablet to your battery
If you don\'t want to carry long wires with you, this can be the perfect accessory for your new charger.
The charging key is a small charger cord mounted on the key ring that is useful during your trip and when you forget the wires.
Monster PowerCard is a great option if you are away for the weekend and only need a fee or two
Keep you connected to civilization, but don\'t put your bag down.
But if you want something bigger, Anker Astro Pro should have all the fees you need;
The small Encore can be put in the smallest handbag.
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