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by:HGB     2019-10-14
The fact that the text message on the phone most of the information here is essentially universal and can also be applied to any other phone.
For example, if someone else in your home has LG, Nokia, or Motorola, this applies to them as well.
This is a brief history of the battery types used in modern phones. 1)
Battery Type: often misunderstood and distorted.
There are four kinds of batteries used by mobile phone batteries.
The list below is from the oldest to the latest.
You do want the latest type if possible.
I know this is obvious, but most of us have never considered asking this question.
Nickel and cadmium (NiCd)-
The oldest battery type used in mobile phones.
They are the type of battery with the heaviest and lowest capacity.
These may be a bit difficult to find.
Metal hydroxide (NiMh)-
Hot battery about 1-2 years ago.
They are lighter than nickel-cadmium batteries, but heavier than lithium batteries.
These should be cycled once in a while to get the best performance. oLithium Ion (Li-Ion)-
This is the latest battery technology before lithium polymer.
They have higher power density than NiMh and NiCd batteries. Li-
Most phones are labeled with ion batteries.
For most people, this battery technology represents the best combination of size, capacity and value.
These types of batteries are not affected by poor memory effects and can be charged at any time.
The latest and greatest to use in your phone.
They have higher power density than other types.
This allows manufacturers to offer thinner or lighter batteries, or some combination of the two.
They are hard to find.
There are several Samsung phones.
The lithium polymer battery is not affected by the poor memory effect and can be charged at any time. 2)
Battery freshness: often overlooked.
Make sure you have the freshest batteries.
Over time, the battery may lose the ability to keep charging.
You want the batteries to get off the shelf quickly to make sure they are not old. 3)
Battery life: a combination of battery drain and capacity, usually referenced during standby and/or call times.
For ideal conditions, a reference is usually made.
But, keep in mind that most of us rarely always use batteries full of batteries under ideal conditions.
The analog mode will run out of battery very quickly.
Be careful when in areas that are hard to cover, such as buildings or tunnels, as your phone\'s battery runs out as your phone keeps trying to connect. 4)
Dimensions: terms like slim, ultra slim, main, and extended are usually used by different vendors and are usually determined by battery type and capacity.
You can offset this by choosing a battery made of lithium ion or lithium polymer, as they pack more power in the same space.
There are a few more considerations about choosing your cell phone battery and we will post an article later.
Don\'t forget that the holidays are coming, so be sure to take a look at a wide variety of panels and extra batteries to enhance your gift!
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