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exclusive: united states sets sights on china in new electric vehicle push

by:HGB     2020-06-18
(Reuters)-U. S.
Government officials plan to meet with executives of automakers and lithium miners as soon as possible, which could be the firstof-its-
According to three people familiar with the matter, it has made positive efforts to launch the national electric vehicle supply chain strategy.
Electric vehicles such as Volkswagen and Tesla
Focused automakers and battery makers are expanding in the United States and investing billions of dollars in new technologies, relying on mineral imports without vigorously developing more domestic mine and processing facilities.
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China has dominated the supply chain of electric vehicles.
It produces nearly twice as much.
The world\'s third largest lithiumion batteries -
By contrast, 5% of the United States
Based on data from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the company tracks the prices of lithium and other commodities and is organizing Washington, D. C. C. , event. U. S.
According to U. S. data, lithium imports have almost doubled since 2014, in part because of increased demand from Tesla, SK Innovation and others who build battery plants in the countryS.
Geological Survey.
Senator John Hoven of North Dakota said: \"We need to find ways to develop the supply of key minerals in our country more effectively, because these resources are vital to our national security and economy, a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee said in a Reuters statement when asked about the meeting.
Senator Hoeven and Senate energy committee chairman, Senator Lisa Murkowski, were invited to the meeting.
Officials from the United StatesS.
Department of State, Department of Energy, Department of Interior and Department of StateS.
Geological Survey plans will be present according to two sources.
As part of the effort, Murkoski is expected to introduce independent legislation designed to streamline the licensing process for lithium and other mines, and, according to one person familiar with the matter, strengthen state and federal research on the supply of key minerals in the country, topics such as mineral recycling are encouraged.
According to sources, some of these efforts are part of the broader energy legislation in the previously failed general assembly, and Murkoski hopes that similar legislation will attract wider attention.
Five companies, including lithium America, are developing the United States. S.
Lithium projects that plan to use new technologies to extract metals from clay, Bromo and even oilfield waste, these processes are not common elsewhere and are considered games
Some analysts have changed.
But not all businesses are getting financing.
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If the Rs/2 CXdGWN is fully put into production by 2022 as planned, the country will produce at least 77,900 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent per year, making the country one of the world\'s largest lithium producers.
Historically, Lithium development projects face many obstacles, so the quantity of production is far from guaranteed.
\"Creating a domestic supply chain for electric vehicles is the perfect blueprint to make America great again,\" said Jesse Edmunson, chief executive of American automotive industry. S.
An important mineral, a beginning
A company that acquired lithium mining rights in the United StatesS. Southeast.
Delegates from Tesla, Ford and GM plan to attend the Washington meeting and discuss with federal officials potential policy changes that may encourage the development of domestic supply chains, according to sources, process and supply lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite for battery manufacturers and automotive manufacturers.
Tesla and GM did not respond to requests for comment.
A Ford spokesman said the company regularly approached stakeholders on various supply chain issues.
Two companies in the United States, Albemarle and Levant. S. -
According to sources, companies that mine lithium in South America are also planning to participate, and executives at several lithium mines under development in the United States are also planning to participate.
\"We look forward to attending a forum with policymakers and industry players who are focused on ensuring that the U. S.
Still a leader in the development of the electric vehicle industry, \"said Paul Graves, CEO of Livent.
Albemarle, the only existing lithium mine operator in the United States, declined to comment. The one-
The daytime sessions will be divided into morning workshops with a focus on financing and barriers to allow, which include:on-
Regulators and industry executives met one afternoon, according to sources.
James Calaway, chairman of Ioneer Ltd, said: \"We are working to ensure that policy makers are aware of this complex situation . \" The company is developing a lithium project in Nevada, which also contains a large amount of boron for a large number of consumer goods.
In Arkansas, standard lithium Co. , Ltd. is developing a pilot project to extract lithium from Bromo waste at the chemical plant of Langson.
\"We have the opportunity to take a big step forward in lithium production, and we want to support that,\" Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson told Reuters . \".
Hutchinson and some other AmericansS.
Officials hope the United StatesS.
Lithium projects exist independently without the financial support of the government, which is a potential obstacle because financiers often seek the tacit support of the government before investing in new unverified technologies.
\"If the US wakes up, there is a real opportunity for the electric vehicle supply chain,\" said Jonathan Evans, president of lithium America, who is developing a lithium project in Nevada and is expected to open by 2022.
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