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guide to buying \"green\" toys this holiday!

by:HGB     2020-06-24
From NG Green Guide)
As concerns about lead in toys continue to increase, there are also increasing concerns about hormones.
Destroying chemicals in plastic, it is understandable for parents to question the seemingly innocent toys they use to educate and entertain their children.
Consumer Product Safety Commission, July 2004 (CPSC)
Recall all metal toy jewelry sold at vending machines--
0. 15 billion pieces--
This is imported by AA Global Industrial Corporation.
Import of brands, major distribution companiesand L. M. Becker and Co. Inc.
After it was found to contain lead, a child was poisoned.
But the government may be slow to protect children, sometimes not taking action until the injury occurs.
In the same year, toys that did not appear in the top 10 CPSC included a Spider-Man figure, which included potential neurotoxic mercury batteries in some cereal boxes.
From an environmental and health perspective, the worst plastic used in children\'s toys is PVC or PVC.
The manufacture of PVC produces and distracts powerful carcinogens known as dioxin.
Dioxin is released into the air or water, into the food chain, accumulates in fatty tissue, and pollutes food sources.
In addition, dioxin can also affect the development of children and damage immune function.
In addition, according to the World Health Organization, the chemical vinyl chlorine used to make PVC is a known human carcinogenic substance, and the proportion of workers exposed to this chemical is too high for some kind of cancer.
Another problem with PVC is that it often contains a chemical softener of neighboring benzene Ester used to make the plastic soft and soft.
This chemical appears in toys for toddlers, beach balls, bath toys, dolls and other products, and in soft-squeezed toys.
Phthal salts, considered \"hormone disruptors\", were found to affect reproductive development and lead to obesity, and were found to cause asthma and other respiratory problems.
Since they are not bonded with plastic, phthal salts can be migrated from the toy to the hand (
And put it in your mouth)of children.
CPSC has asked the US governmentS.
Manufacturers for children under the age of three remove neighboring benzene ester from baby pacifiers and toys, and the EU has banned neighboring benzene ester from toys.
Several states, including California and Maine, are launching legislation prohibiting the sale of any children\'s products containing neighboring benzene ester.
Lead is another additive for PVC, which is constantly appearing in toys this year.
Thousands of toy box staples including Barbie and Fisher
The Tank Engine was recalled for violating the lead paint standard.
Cadmium is also a heavy metal that is released into the environment during manufacturing when the toy is degraded.
It is well known that cadmium can cause human cancer and over time, it can accumulate and stay in the body.
Lead is associated with many learning disabilities and behavioral disorders, and even low exposure can have lifelong effects.
Some old wood and metal toys also contain lead in paint, especially in imported and metal soldier suits.
The FDA warned that because the paint could peel off, the lead of the soldier could rub on the child\'s hand while playing.
Cotton and wool may be safer alternatives, but a large number of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers used in conventional cotton farming are heavy polluters to groundwater and oceans.
In fact, Cotton accounts for 25 of the world\'s pesticide use.
According to the EPA, 7 of the top 15 pesticides used in the United StatesS.
Cotton is a potential or known human carcinogenic substance.
When it comes to wool, soaking sheep to remove parasites such as lice and ticks can pollute the ecosystem of groundwater --
Harmful pesticides that are potentially dangerous to workers.
In addition, cotton, wool and synthetic materials used in plush toys and soft cloth toys are usually stainedand moth-proofed.
The coloring and treatment of these fabrics also involves harmful chemicals.
Azo dyes can cause cancer.
Dyeing can release chlorine, chromium and other toxic substances into the waterways and enter the human body through drinking water.
The wood used in many puzzles and other children\'s toys is not solid, but many fine wood strips or particles that stick together.
The glue that forms the wood such as plywood and crushing board will produce toxic smoke such as formaldehyde.
Formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic substance, and other VOCs in glue are common in plywood and pressing
Some wooden toys and some hard wood products.
VOCs can stimulate the child\'s eyes, skin and throat, and can also cause nausea and lethargy.
In addition to these concerns, clear-
Deforestation, which is still a major threat to all kinds of animals and plants living in woodland areas.
In this era of global warming, no parent is willing to think that a child\'s toy helps release heat.
Capture carbon dioxide from dying trees.
What does plastic without PVC look like (
See the background story).
It can usually be identified by the number 3, the letter \"PVC\" or the \"Vinyl\" next to the three letters
Arrow Recovery symbol.
You can also use the \"smell test \";
Plastic made of vinyl usually has a taste of plastic, similar to the new shower curtain.
If you are not sure if the product contains PVC or PVC parts, please call the manufacturer\'s question and comment hotline and usually list 800 numbers at the bottom of the label or package.
In terms of children\'s health, an unfinished solid wood toy is completely harmless!
However, natural oils such as flax seeds, walnuts and beeswax are the safest when it comes to finishes. Other plant-
The oil from citrus will produce a strong smell, which will stimulate the sensitive respiratory tract of young children.
Because the intake of mineral oil is related to lung function inhibition and lipid pneumonia, it is not recommended for children under the age of three to use wooden toys made of mineral oil and often put toys into their mouths.
Look for the least toxic finish on the label or box.
Due to the risk of formaldehyde in glue, any solid wood toy is better than a toy made of pressed wood.
However, in order to ensure that the solid wood comes from the forest managed responsibly, please look for the Forest Management Committee (FSC)
Certification, no clear-
Old cutting and use
Growing and endangered species.
Electronics and batteries
Operating solar toys-
Electric electronic toys or toys that run out of rechargeable batteries, juice with a solar charger (
See select the right rechargeable battery).
Because the charging equipment contains heavy metals-
Such as nickel, cadmium, lithium and lead--
At the end of the life cycle, be sure to treat them as hazardous waste.
Please see www for proper disposal. rbrc. org.
Cotton, hemp, wool of organic cotton (
Do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers)
No cotton drift (free of dioxin-
Production of chlorine)
Hemp and wool in low color
Effect, fast dye coloring.
Wool is a natural fire. resistant--
This is another reason to choose it.
In addition, look for wool dolls and plush animals made after use
Consumer recycling materials.
Old painted toys of Sopsavoid, especially imported toys, may be completed with statues of lead paint, lead and pewter.
Smell it when you have questions!
The toxic softener in the plastic will give them a new smell.
Strong scents and fragrances used on fragrance dolls can cause allergies or asthma reactions. Careful stainsand moth-Waterproof fabric.
Choose low if possible
Does not contain the influence dye of potential carcinogenic azo (
See the background story)
And leadership.
Study the edges of wooden toys and puzzles.
There is a layer of pressed wood and crushed board, and there is no solid wood. See www. veganpeace.
Sweatshop/good company.
List of some toy companies that offer sweatshopsfree toys.
Consider whether toys can be reused.
Can it be added to create new interest?
For example, toy houses and building suits can be reused, and adding a small accessory at a time can bring a lot of happiness.
Find popular toysme-
The ups and downs of generations will continue.
However, be careful when accepting manualme-
Don, because they may contain the old, lead. based paint.
Look for toys with the least packaging.
Choose toys made locally as much as possible, avoid transportation pollution and waste of fuel, and support the local economy.
Choose toys that can promote imaginative games, such as plush animals, musical instruments, wooden blocks, board games and clay models, which are critical to developing intellectual and motor skills.
When the choice of toys made with better materials is limited, choose options with a longer shelf life at home, such as puzzles and board games.
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