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olala c2-i 6000mah power bank: stylish, safe, high capacity battery pack with built-in lightning cable

by:HGB     2019-10-20
Carrying portable battery packs with you is never a bad idea.
You never know when your smartphone battery needs to be charged, but Murphy\'s law says that this happens almost always when you\'re away from a power outlet or a power adapter.
When this happens, a battery pack like theOLALA C2-
I 6000 mAh Power Bank can save a day with an iOS device or any portable device that can be charged from a USB Power supply.
Personally, I prefer an external power pack instead of a battery box because the number of times I need to charge an iPhone battery is not worth always putting it in something like an Apple battery box. The function of the external power supply group is more abundant. The OLALA C2-
I was designed to solve a couple of issues regarding the portable battery pack.
First of all, it looks smart.
In fact, at first glance it has similarities to the iPhone 4, which has a smooth white case and a silver strap.
It\'s a little big but at 5. 0 x 2. 5 x 0. 6-
Weigh 5 lbs in inches.
1 oz, small enough and light enough to slip into a wallet, backpack, bag or coat pocket without noticeable attention.
You don\'t have to worry about pulling the cable around the USB cable-
If you have the nearest Apple device, at least not.
There is a built-in
In the MFi certified lighting connector, the connector cleverly slides into the housing and extends a few inches for charging.
OLALA also includes a micro cable (
This is used to charge the power bank itself, but it can be used
Apple smartphone
And contains a complete
USB output port of 5 V/2 size. 4A output.
Therefore, charging is not limited to Apple devices, you can charge both devices at the same time.
Another pain point Olara C2-
I 6000 mAh Power Bank is addressing concerns about the battery itself.
There have been recent reports of fire and equipment damage caused by unqualified battery packs and cell phone chargers.
OLALA highlights the safety measures included in the product, including high quality lithium-
Polymer batteries with a rated charging cycle of 500 times and the circuit provided: I have been using OLALA C2-
I have been doing well for the past few weeks.
As I mentioned, it is an attractive device with high quality fit and finish.
Lightning cables are easy to access and I have to say it\'s good not to worry about remembering to load the cables and batteries.
It takes about four hours to charge with my MacBook Air and there is a four LED indicator that will let you know the current level.
The 6000 mAh battery can almost charge my iPad Mini or my iPhone 6 (
It takes a few hours from zero to 100%)
There are a few juice left.
The only real downside of OLALA C2 is
That\'s what I built-
Lightning cables are short.
This means that you can\'t plug in and use an iOS device while it\'s charging --
Unless you can do something when the device is sitting on a table next to the battery pack, or you can use your own full-
Plug in the length Lightning cable of the USB port.
Considering the current price is $29.
99 on Amazon, Olara C2-
I 6000 mAh power bank is cheap-
Design backup battery insurance for your mobile device.
Disclosure: C2-provided by OLALA-
I power the bank for review purposes.
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