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Does HGB Battery provide ODM service?
Yes. HGB Battery Co.,Ltd. provides ODM services. We have the ability to create fully customized high capacity lithium polymer based on customer requirements. Our experienced development team will guide you through the entire ODM process, from selecting materials and creating designs to defining final specifications. Our company owns and operates state-of-the-art assembly and testing facilities, providing flexible manufacturing requirements and complete customization services.

Known to be a large manufacturer for telecom battery, HGB has a wide market share. We will show you the drone battery series that is most popular with customers. e cig batteries are also very important features for electronic cigarette battery. Its built-in protection mechanism ensures safe charging and use. HGB has formed a wide customer base. The product produces lower heat compared with other products in the market.

We are a company built on relationships so we listen to our customers. We take their needs on as our own and move as quickly as they need us to. Inquiry!
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