Committed to be the most competitive technology-leading manufacturer of lithium batteries!

How is HGB positioned?
HGB Battery Co.,Ltd. is a brand focused on selling high quality HGB at affordable price. Efforts have been made to control the production cost, from raw material to production process and to quality control. The pricing is made after systematic market research.

As a world-class manufacturer for drone battery, HGB is in rapid development. HGB's jump starter battery series are created based on unremitting efforts. The manufacturing process of our team ultra thin battery is complicated. This process involves the inspection of metal materials, CNC machine cutting, and drilling, etc. All components are designed, manufactured, and assembled in one place assuring high consistency. our company has improved its own quality control systems to survive the new rules. The product has a big current discharge ability.

We have made a commitment to continuously improve all processes within the organization; always looking for a quicker, safer, better, easier, cleaner, simpler way of doing things. Inquire online!
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