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6 tips to maintain your lithium-ion battery pack

by:HGB     2020-06-27
Lithium batteries are now found in many devices, such as digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones and many other electronic devices.
If you want to keep your battery pack and extend its life, we recommend that you follow the tips given below.
These tips will also protect your smartphone and other devices from damage. Read on.
Once you buy a battery pack, first charge your battery and make sure you charge it for 12 hours before putting it into your device.
In fact, all manufacturers recommend charging at least 12 hours before using these batteries for the first time.
Actually, this method is very important if you have a lithium ion battery.
Unlike ordinary Ni-MH Ni-
Lithium battery-CD battery
The ion battery is pre-activated.
Because they have a low self.
Discharge rate, make sure you charge the battery first.
As soon as the charger gives you the indicator light, you can remove the battery and put it into your device.
Here, it is also important to note that these batteries need to go through at least 3 cycles before they reach full load.
We all take good care of our electronics with the right charger, but we tend to ignore the result of using the wrong charger.
When you buy a charger, be sure to choose the original charger.
If you can\'t get the original one, we suggest you choose a high one
Premium charger with overcharge protection. Buying a low-
The quality unit is not a good idea as it can lead to a shorter running time, a battery failure or a fire/explosion.
Usually do not charge too much, low
A high quality charger will eventually charge the battery.
What happens is that the substance inside the battery will heat up, which may reduce the life of the battery.
So you \'d better charge your battery.
In some cases, overcharging can cause the battery to explode.
For the highest performance, do not touch the metal contacts to ensure that the battery contacts are cleaned regularly.
When you carry the battery with you, you may want to prevent contacts from touching metal materials like car keys.
This is important if you don\'t want to face a short circuit.
If this happens, you may damage your battery.
In worse cases, there may also be a fire or explosion.
Usually do not use batteries at extreme temperatures, lithium-
The ion battery can only work properly if the temperature is within a certain range.
If used at extreme temperatures for a long time, the backup time and useful cycle will be reduced.
If you let the battery not charge for more than 3 months, you may damage it and do not store the battery without charging.
Ideally, in this case, make sure to partially charge the battery pack a few months before putting it in the drawer.
Ideally, it should charge at least 30% of the capacity.
Long story short, if you want to buy lithium
Ion battery pack, make sure you follow these tips.
By following these tips, you can extend the life of your battery.
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