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Battery life of 2018 Nissan Leaf vs 2017 Chevy Bolt EV electric cars: what manuals suggest

by:HGB     2020-02-24
This is one of the main problems of any electric vehicle.
Car Buyer: How long will the battery pack last?
If I needed a new one on the way, how much would it cost to replace it?
Now, a new video looks at this problem and compares the different heat
Management technology for the new 2018 Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle batteries.
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All the hosts are John D.
Kelly, professor of automotive technology at Ogden Weber State University, Utah.
It\'s one of several electric cars.
He has completed a video of the car, including a recent pair of videos about the dismantling of the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle lithium
Ion battery pack.
His speech is often methodical, direct and easy to understand, and many details are highquality video.
The recent demo ran a little more than 7 minutes and was simpler than the previous video.
Most of it was Kelly\'s lecture in front of the Bolt electric car on the elevator.
However, he covers a lot of areas, starting with active thermal management --
Means heating and cooling-
The first Chevrolet Volt plug in GM\'s battery pack
Then a hybrid electric vehicle.
He then went deep into the history of the passively cooled Nissan Leaf battery, although he did not go deep into the specific history of some pre-cooled battery capacity loss2015 Leaf pack.
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The 2018 generation Nissan Leaf has a page in the owner\'s manual that discusses issues that affect the temperature and life of the battery.
The suggestion includes not storing the car in a hot environment, nor charging the battery immediately after the car is used --
This could surprise the owner who came home, plugged in the car, and didn\'t forget it until the next morning.
It does not encourage frequent use.
Charging capacity.
He listed some of the factors that Nissan said would affect the life of the Leaf battery, as described in the manual.
He then looked at the caveats provided by Chevrolet in his own manual about the factors that affect the battery life of the Bolt electric vehicle much less.
Kelly\'s summary concluded that Chevrolet\'s thermal management of the battery \"is far superior to the thermal management of the battery provided by Nissan at Leaf, both the previous generation and the new version 2018.
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The capacity loss rate of automotive batteries with active liquid cooling (and heating) seems to be low
Especially under extreme conditions.
Than those who only use passive air to cool, such as leaves to cool.
For example, the aggregated data of the Tesla Model S battery shows that even if you travel 10% miles, the capacity loss is only 100,000.
Hat tip: Brian Henderson, Nikki Gordon-
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