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battery theft from solar lights leaves residents in darkness

by:HGB     2020-06-25
Residents of ragraghavendra Nagar, near Thanneerpandal, closed the park gate for 6 p. m. or 6. 30 p. m.
Although they like to let the children play for a while and let the elders go for another round, they can\'t because safety becomes the first issue they care about because of Japan\'s backwardness.
Although there are 15 lights in the park, this is the case.
\"We, residents, close the gate once it gets dark because otherwise the park will be-
Social elements and love
Make the most of the dark lorn couple, \"sighed.
Residents of Manoharan.
There are 15 solar lights, but they barely shine except for the two in the South --
Near the east corner of the house near the park compound.
The park has been dark for more than a year. and-a-
Two years ago, the company developed and opened half of it to the public after spending 63 pounds.
Residents say no.
Social elements amplify the compound and remove the battery from almost all the lights.
They also took out the battery from the solar street light.
The darkness that fell due to the absence of lights also caused residents to lose LPG cylinders, shoes, tires and other items outside their houses.
Former member of the District, Ward 37
Vellingiri said that the theft of the battery or accessories of the solar lamp from the solar Raghavendra Nagar was not the only one.
Residents of nearby telephone colonies Jai Nagar, Thiyagi Kumaran Street, Thanneerpandal\'s Sixth and Ninth streets also complained.
He noted that about four years ago, after the then Singapore MLA allocated a portion of his constituency Development Fund, Coimbatore, which installed solar street lights.
Another problem with glowing solar lights is that there is no proper maintenance.
Residents say they are from those (
Contract Company)
The person who installed the lights is that there is nothing they can do since the end of the maintenance contract period.
Residents said they had discussed the issue with their ward engineer K.
Maragatham asked for a new battery to be installed or a lamp powered from the Tangedco rod, but has not yet been responded. Ms.
Maragatham could not be reached.
A senior engineer in the Eastern District of the company, who also oversees the area, said he had not received any such complaints from residents.
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