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by:HGB     2020-06-16
As the research and development team continues to optimize the travel experience, a new type of luggage comes along that will not just carry clothes with you.
From frequent business trips to Mini trips, we have now learned the details of some of the most exciting smart luggage.
So what exactly does smart luggage mean?
Many of the features that define these latest development products include a power bank that charges your electronic device, electronic luggage tags, gpstrackand TSAapproved locks. The TSA(
Transportation safety authority)
Is an American agency that has strict guidelines for opening and searching for any litigation for security purposes, including mandatory opening of any non-Lock that meets the requirements.
So if you are traveling in the US and want to protect your luggage, you will need to update your lock.
However, thanks to the technical philosophy of smart luggage, the company is now manufacturing a TSAcompatible lock that can be opened with a special TSA master key.
Some particularly smart locks include a feature that will light a small light on the lock red indicating the use of the master key.
Nevertheless, the regulation of these new forms of luggage is based in part on the lithium batteries contained in many of the bags.
American Airlines explained that from January 15, \"customers traveling with smart bags must be able to remove the battery in case they have to check the bags at any time they travel \".
With this in mind, we have collected the best smart luggage brands that comply with these regulations, contributing to more efficient and intelligent travel.
There\'s everything you want in the outer box.
An unbreakable shell of lightweight polycarbonate? Check.
More than the internal compression system of the Packers? Check.
A removable laundry bag? Yep. . .
These features are just icing on the cake.
The brand\'s suitcase also has 360 degrees of wheels built in
USB with removable 37-watt lithium-
The ion battery located below the handle is a TSA-approved password lock, which has a variety of colors to choose from, such as red, green, pink and white for easy identification. Carry-
Buy it now at £ 225 | Away | buy medium Case £ 275 | Away | buy it now with different wheel colors, G-
Their big, high motor wheels from the rest.
This star feature allows you to roll your luggage in any terrain and in a variety of different weather, from up and down the stairs to passing your luggage through the snow
Everything is possible. The ultra-
The durable case has a removable power cord and a bluetooth luggage tracker that adds a layer of security in case your item is lost or stolen. £399| G-
Ro | buy it now is the preferred brand for airline staff and the durability of TravelPro cases comes from themselves.
Withstand the test of time, we found out despite the excessive use
High quality nylon is light in quality, expandable, waterproof and stain-proof.
A usb charging port and a removable battery are also available.
This is a very good and more economical option for smart luggage families.
£ 270 | Amazon | buy it now and ship an extra box to make it easier for Neit.
Despite the hard shell, the shell folds to 3 inch flat in just 10 seconds, allowing you to store it anywhere when not in use.
The wheels of the boxes are also folded to ensure that they are not knocked down or damaged.
Reward: you can locate your package by adding tracking devices to the app. £299.
99 | Neit | purchase it is not currently available in the UK and the first motorized suitcase has arrived across the pond.
This change can actually allow you not to carry heavy suitcases with you.
Modobag can travel 6 miles without charging and up to 8 mph-it\'s still relatively light when you need to pull it.
$1,495 | Modobag | buy now from a label that has just partnered with Supreme, Rimowa\'s answer to smart luggage allows you to register digitally, shorten your wait times and simplify the check-in process.
With the companion app, you can send flight information to the chassis, which automatically displays your flight data electronically instead of attaching a thin paper copy.
Can be in the brand\'s iconic models;
Salsa dance, Limbo and Topas as well as changes in size, material and color, it has five
One year warranty and TSA password lock.
Salsa e-label £ 559 | Rimowa | buy now, the first series of this smart luggage brand, is everywhere and regulars eagerly await the release of series 2.
Bluesmart cases is known for its efficiency.
Allowing you to connect your case to your smartphone, you can track your travel data and track your package anywhere in the world without having to subscribe or pay for it.
If Bluetooth detects that your phone is out of range and therefore can lock your phone remotely, you can also receive an alert.
Carry-on also includes a digital scale and an electronic compartment
Allows you to access it quickly and easily during security checks. £349.
99 | Currys | buy judgment now: We love the luggage from Away as it has all the smart features built in
In USB charger, color range and light shell appearance-
All of this is to make your trip with your luggage more affordable.
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