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bicycle trailers & accessories for kids

by:HGB     2020-06-15
The children\'s transport system is designed for versatile use, including bicycle trailers running in five different modes-
Biking, jogging, walking, skiing and hiking.
Connect the bike trailer to your road bike or mountain bike to transport your child safely and conveniently.
The trailer is designed according to the two models of convertible model and closed model.
Can accommodate up to three children;
The size and spacing information may vary from brand to brand, so please check the manufacturer\'s manual before using it.
The enclosed bike trailer provides protection from the sun, light rain and breeze.
There is a canvas tarp on the trailer, so your child sits comfortably in a breathable shell.
For safety, standard features include aluminum spoke wheels, multiple storage rooms, comfortable seats with reinforced padding, and seat belts.
The adjustable suspension system is balanced and stable, driving more smoothly, while the front impact absorbs bumps and bumps on the rugged terrain and grass.
Foldable trailer for easy storage and transportation.
Many models are characterized by automatic
Lock, open and close without using pin.
Children must keep moisture when doing outdoor activities.
Adult water supplement suit-
Water bottle and children\'s size
Size of water bottle.
Connect to the side frame of the bike trailer and use it as needed.
The water bottle has a nozzle that can be turned on and off to reduce spills and leaks.
The hydration package is also available and functions similar to the hydration package.
However, children use hydration packs that go through their chest or back, not water bottles.
Children\'s inspired designs and colors include animal patterns and cartoons.
The Hydrating bag is the perfect choice for parks and beach trips.
Limit the use of children aged 5 and over.
The convertible bike trailer is designed to be easily converted from a stroller to a bike trailer.
This conversion is possible in a built-in way
Store the front wheel pocket when the bike trailer is in use.
Trailer/stroller features are available for most convertible bike trailers;
However, some need converter kits (fees may apply).
While the trailer doesn\'t offer much sun protection, the kids get more air and don\'t feel as closed as they do in a closed bike trailer.
When using a convertible bike trailer, it is especially important to have your child wear a helmet.
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