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bosch jv to supply battery for bmw\'s megacity e-car

by:HGB     2020-06-21
Frankfurt, August 3 (Reuters)-
Joint venture of Bosch [ROBG. UL]
Samsung SDI (006400. KS)
Lithium will be supplied
Ion battery of BMW (BMWG. DE)
Large city projects, electric vehicles will be launched in the first half of the next decade.
\"This decision is an important milestone in the production process of the super city car series.
The battery is a key part of any electric vehicle-
BMW chief executive Norbert Reithofer said in a statement on Monday: \"This determines the range and performance of the car . \"
\"Through SB LiMotive, we have chosen a supplier that provides the best available technology to combine leading German automotive expertise with the future --
Battery facing South Koreahow.
\"Super city car is a branch of BMW\'s\" Project I \", which is tasked with developing new mobile concepts for cities with 10 million residents.
SB LiMotive recently acquired GMGM. UL]
Cobasys, a hybrid battery supplier, is a 50-
Bosch, the world\'s largest auto parts maker, has 50 joint ventures with Korean lithium.
Ion battery supplier focusing on consumer electronics applications.
Integration of lithium
Ion batteries in cars require higher standards in terms of durability, operational stability and safety, which is where Bosch\'s century lies
Long-term experience in the automotive industry has played a role.
\"Our primary goal is to provide BMW with the best battery technology in terms of performance, mileage and safety.
At the same time, we want to build a stable lithium-
Ion batteries, as a sustainable product, can be reused or recycled in other areas after they are used in cars, \"Samsung sdi ceo Soon Taek Kim said in a statement.
BMW announced last week that after management decided to focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, it will exit the f1 circuit at the end of the season.
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