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bright new innovations in solar lighting

by:HGB     2020-06-27
Outdoor solar energy is only about ten years old.
Power lamps have been widely used.
But the roots of this very popular product category can be traced back to 1940, when Russell Shoemaker Ohl, an American engineer, invented modern solar cells.
That is to be great-
Grandpa of solar lanterns that turn sunlight into electric energy, now illuminates sidewalks and gardens around the world.
According to Canadian Tire spokesman Askshata Kalyanpur, it may take a while from the invention of Ohl to the consumer\'s liking, but improvements are happening quickly, where the sales of solar lights are active.
Latest progress of LED (
Kalyanpur said that solar lighting is 24 times brighter than ordinary solar lighting, and battery energy consumption is reduced by 90.
While the LEDs have been around for a while, it has not been possible until recently to make them bright enough to be used as a light source in addition to a display on a countertop or electronic device, kalyanpur said.
The value of LED bulbs is high, she added, because their life span is between 8 and 10 years, although the battery may need to be replaced every two or three years.
Kalyanpur noted that solar products have surpassed the sidewalk.
\"It has become part of the focus of the outdoor room,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s not just safe or safe lighting.
They are used to create an atmosphere and mood, especially for those who have already invested in great courtyard furniture.
\"In terms of trends, while dark metal finishes are emerging rapidly, it can be seen from eight domes that lighter industrial metals continue to dominate
Top stainless steel solar light from Rona (www. rona. ca)
It costs $40.
This finish works well in a streamlined design, such as the tube LED Pinnacle lights for Canadian tires (www. canadiantire. ca)
It costs $7 per vehicle.
The same animal and insect patterns are large in interior decoration and popular in solar lighting, so you will see a lot of strings of lights in the shape of butterflies or dragonflies.
For example, Canadian Tire sales 10-
The feet of nine dragonflies are $20 long, while the home hardware (www. homehardware. ca)has a 9. 8-
20 Bell feet-
Spend about $17.
You can even find a female squirrel.
Home Depot\'s on-line products form a solar lamp, of which 6. 5-
Resin squirrel in inches costs $20.
If the backlit rodent in crayon color is not your taste, consider the luminous bricks sold online by UK online retailer Suck UK (www. suck. uk. com)
The same person brought us a Christmas decoration shaped like a grenade.
The luminous brick is made of a light bulb with a glowin-the-dark (
Pigment, wrapped in a solid block of acrylic resin.
In the dark, the paint shines subtly.
Keep in mind that this product is not specifically designed for outdoor use and may work best as a desktop or key lighting.
Mason cans have become a popular theme for emergency lights.
The most recent year once again from the grassroots (www. Grassroots stores. com)
Traditional glass clay tanks for sale with solar energypowered, low-
Energy LED lights.
It can be charged in just a few hours and can be placed outside around the clock.
The soft light generated will also work indoors to illuminate the night
The time path to the toilet.
Like most solar lights, this light requires direct sunlight to work, and it can be charged within a few hours when placed outside or in sunny windows.
Cloudy weather extends the charging time to a few days.
To save battery life, lights can be turned off manually.
Sell Yellow and Blue for $40.
If you are a fan of about 1975 macramé, you can recreate the atmosphere with solar energy in the Mason jar, which is located on the \"vintage\" woven rope hanger provided in the United States
Headquarters retailers once again sell Treasured through Etsy (www. etsy.
This $32 hanging suit can also be used as a vase as you can replace solar energy with the flower frog that comes with the light.
Or take out the candle and put it in the jar.
The same whimsical is the solar bird house, which can be obtained online on www. Mary Charles. com.
Created by Dutch design team Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout, this beautiful aviary collects solar energy from the roof panel to illuminate the place where birds and other flying insects inhabit at night
It sells for $120. Ikea (www. ikea. ca)
It has a wide range of solar lights using LED bulbs.
The SOLIG collection includes a cheerful patio light chain in white, blue or red. An eight-
The light rope costs $20.
But grab it if you want something from this line --
I was told it was almost sold out. out.
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