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don’t blame the batteries for every lithium-ion explosion

by:HGB     2020-06-19
Tim Moynihan of Wired magazineLithium-
Ion batteries have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.
The latest moment is a pair of explosive headphones on the plane.
After Samsung\'s Galaxy Note 7, the burning event became hot (double)
Recall of \"hovercraft\" batteries and major issues.
And you can\'t put it all down to incompetence.
Even rocket scientists have a hard time keeping lithium.
Check the ion battery in.
In essence, lithium
Ion batteries are dangerous.
Inside, the main line of defense to prevent short circuit is the thin and porous sliding of polypropylene, preventing electrode contact.
If this separator is broken, the electrodes will come into contact and things will soon become very hot.
The battery is also filled with flammable electrolyte, which burns when it is heated, and then the battery actually Burns once oxygen hits it.
Not scary enough?
This liquid is mixed with a compound that burns the skin.
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Ion batteries turn into skin
Why use them? Lithium-
The ion battery is very efficient.
They store amazing energy in a small package, a package that lets a phone or laptop run all day long. Li-
Ion batteries are also a very mature technology.
First rechargeable lithium battery
25 years ago, Sony used ion batteries for its mobile camera, and now there are dozens of battery suppliers around the world.
If you are making a camera, car, plane or fitness tracker, including Li-
Ion batteries are generally plug-in. and-
Play a role in the manufacturing process.
But unlike most mature technologies, they seem to become more unstable over time.
Because we ask for more.
Capacity batteries in smaller packages at a cheaper price.
The symptoms may be the same. they explode—
But there are many factors in the formation of lithium.
The time the ions don\'t want in the spotlight.
The production of all these explosive batteries is perfect.
The smarter diagnosis is that there must be a problem with the way the battery is made.
But as Samsung\'s Note 7 legend has shown, it\'s not that simple to find out the specific problem.
The initial recall included Samsung\'s own phones with batteries that did not have enough space between the battery\'s protective bag and the internal electrodes.
Squeeze and bend the electrodes in some batteries, causing them to contact and short circuitcircuit.
But once these phones are recalled, there are different problems replacing the device with another company\'s \"safer\" battery.
Many people are poorly insulated, while others have jagged edges inside, damaging all
Important separator
This also leads to a short circuit, but the reason is completely different.
The design flaws of most modern gadgets are as light and stylish as possible.
This could cause serious damage to other wells.
Built-in Battery, especially high
Capacity cells in a small body.
The pressure of the hardware around the battery can cause damage to the electrode or separator and cause a short circuit.
Inadequate ventilation or thermal management may cause flammable electrolyte heating inside the battery.
Once it\'s too hot, the chemical reaction causes it to heat up more and the spiral gets out of control.
This is a situation that usually ends with an explosion or fire called heat out of control --
Once oxygen is in contact with chaos, there will be a big one. User-
Even if a gadget is well designed, it will be discarded and used for a long time
The term wear will damage its volatile power supply.
The best way to tell if your battery is damaged is that it looks like it\'s all inflated --
Evidence that chemicals inside the battery produce gas in a way that should not be.
This expansion also creates pressure on the battery housing, which can result in a perforation or fire.
Unfortunately, most phones are now sealed.
In the battery, unpacking the equipment for inspection can cause a warranty interruption.
If the external case of your phone seems to be pushed away, or it feels extremely hot to touch, it\'s better to be careful and bring it in for inspection.
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If you leave yours at home, name the charging cable.
There\'s a reason why some cables and warts on the wall are so cheap: hit that crazy-
Low prices make them often stingy with insulation, evade safety regulations, skip power companies
Management functions.
It can cause electric shock, a charger explosion or a fire on the phone.
Industry pressure and competition if a company can save a few pennies on each battery, it can generate millions or even billions of profits.
So many lithium-
Ion battery manufacturers cut corners for cheaper pricing of batteries.
Material may be defective, resulting in damagethin separator.
Maybe they can save a few bucks by reducing insulation or quality control.
These things may be the main reason why hovercraft caught fire: The first models on the market were expensive, and their popularity gave birth to cheaper and even cheaper imitation products inside.
Crowdfunding and affordable components democratize consumers
But saving is often at the expense of safety.
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