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Dreamliner Grounded Until At Least End Of May

by:HGB     2020-06-29
Airlines with the largest Boeing 787 fleet say it will take months for the plane to take off again.
Airlines operating the largest Boeing Dreamliner fleet have announced that their aircraft will continue to be grounded at least until the end of the 5 th.
All Japanese airlines (ANA) made a decision after the continued deterioration of Boeing hi-\'s technical and safety issuestech plane.
Since the Dreamliner was grounded worldwide in January, the suspension of flights has affected more than 3,600 flights.
After the US announced ANA-
Boeing-based aircraft manufacturers said: \"Boeing deeply regrets the impact of the recent incident on the schedule of our customers and their passengers.
\"Earlier this month, Boeing warned that there could be further production delays due to unresolved ground issues. UK-
Operators, including BA and Thomson airlines, are expected to deliver 787 by the end of 5, while Virgin will receive the first Dreamliner in the summer of 2014.
A spokesperson for BA told Sky News that the airline still expects to deliver the aircraft by the due date, despite confirmation by Thomson Airlines, its first 787 Dreamliner has yet to get a new delivery date.
Boeing will not discuss publicly any details of individual customer delivery.
On February 22, Boeing said: \"We are encouraged by the resolution of this issue and the progress of our customers and their passengers around the world to return to flight 787.
\"We are committed to taking all necessary measures to guarantee 787 integrity to our customers and the travel public, and we will not hesitate in our efforts to continuously improve the safety and reliability of our products.
\"ANA said it will cancel 1,714 flights on April and 5, including Japan\'s busy Golden Week holiday.
\"Unfortunately this includes golden week, but we decided to inform our customers in advance because the prospects for recovery are still unknown,\" a company spokesman said . \".
So far, ANA is Boeing\'s largest Dreamliner customer, with 17 of the world\'s 50 Boeing 787 aircraft operating.
Japan Airlines (JAL) is another key 787 operator with seven aircraft.
The third component of the composite structure aircraft is made in Japan, including lithium-
It has always been an ion battery in the grounding center of the model. The next-
A generation of aircraft suffered a series of failures. after two battery pack accidents, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a global alert.
On January, after the smoke was found in the middle of the day, all 787 s running were grounded
A plane flying in Japan.
A few days after the lithium incident.
The ion battery pack caught fire when JAL-
Boston Logan Airport is grounded in an operational aircraft.
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