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dreamwave tremor review: big, loud, tough bluetooth speaker

by:HGB     2019-10-18
Bluetooth speakers are ideal for portable music. . .
Bluetooth speakers have opened the golden age of portable audio.
With smartphones and wireless speakers, you can carry music with you anywhere.
However, there are great limitations in the typical Bluetooth speaker.
The trade-off between portability and affordability is sound quality, battery life, and the ability to withstand components.
In other words, a $100 portable speaker may sound good for casual use in a small room, but putting it outdoors, the output is thin, and the volume up will distort things. That 8-
If you listen to music all day on the beach, if the speakers are splashed or kicked by sand, the battery life of the hour will not be shortened ---game over.
DreamWave TREMOR is specially designed for outdoor audio lovers, and from the moment it is unpacked, DreamWave TREMOR is not your normal Bluetooth speaker.
In fact, this was first proposed with a huge amount of $299. 99 price tag.
However, with additional cash expenses, you will get more speakers and additional features, making the tremor an ideal choice for outdoor audio lovers.
Instead of the usual pair of drivers, the tremor is equipped with two complete
Range driver, 2 tweeters and a pair of passive subwoofer.
They are driven by a 50 w amplifier equipped with an-
Distortion circuit.
The interior is a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 20,800 mAh, with a rated capacity of up to 20 hours.
The speakers are also equipped with a USB 5 V/1A port, so you can tap TREMOR\'s battery to charge your smartphone and keep the music playing for longer.
Finally, the tremor is designed with a shockproof, IPX5 structure.
This means that it can survive in a drop of water and be sprayed with water.
You can\'t drown it, but there\'s no problem getting kicked around the sand on the beach or splashing in the pool.
There is no rain.
Or snow, you can see from my picture.
For Bluetooth speakers, the digicesetup is typical, the on-board controller is large and there is no
Nonsense: Power, Bluetooth and volume.
There are two LED lights under the grill, one is red (indicates line-
In mode and low battery)
And blue light showing Bluetooth status.
Turn on the power and connect to the smartphone and you can go.
If your phone has NFC, TREMOR supports this featureconnect.
As a relatively wide, many
The driver unit, the tremor has more presence, a typical portable speaker.
The driver is too close for stereo separation, but you get a certain depth.
If you spring for two shocks, you can get real left and right channel stereo by wirelessly connecting them.
At a lower volume, it doesn\'t make much difference from other speakers.
As you start to get close to the middle of the volume range, the tremor starts to stand out and earn its \"premium\" label.
As the volume increases, those passive radiators will start and the bass will become real.
There is a pair of big drivers handling the mid end and two tweeters for the high end, the music is clean, clear and accurate.
You can turn it to the maximum volume. -
Loud Voice--
No cower in asonic chaos.
Tremor is a rare portable speaker that makes good sound even at extreme volume.
This volume is very convenient when used outdoors.
Music can disappear outdoors, especially at the low end.
But the earthquake was configured to perform well outdoors.
Driver forward-
So there are two ways to get the ideal sound dispersion.
You can place a tremor on something so it can be at the waist or higher.
Alternatively, you can use its clever shell design to tilt the whole unit back so that the driver can be about 45-degree angle --
It stays firmly in this position even at the maximum volume.
Battery life is another reason for the price increase in the earthquake.
It takes three or four hours to charge its huge 20,800 mAh lithium polymer battery.
But the speaker can charge up to 20 hours. -
If you really push the volume for eight hours
I \'ve been mixing things together, usually with a lower volume in the room, a little louder outside, pushing the max volume through several sessions, I\'m at 15-hour range.
If you are willing to give up some battery life, you can plug it in on your smartphoneup.
I found myself sitting by the campfire many nights.
A fully charged speaker plays music on an iPhone with a low battery.
With the tremor, you can continue to play the music, even if the source is in danger of closing.
I should mention that the integrated woven cloth handle makes it easier to carry speakers and increases its robust military performance
Grade appearance.
Are there any shortcomings in TRMEOR?
Except for the obvious-
It\'s bigger, heavier and more expensive than your typical Bluetooth speaker ---
I only have two small questions about the tremor.
First, you need to use the power brick to charge (
A battery with a huge capacity).
Second, there is no way to determine the level of battery power other than the red warning light that flashes when the battery is low.
DreamWave TREMOR main specifications: recommend DreamWave TREMOR is an easy to recommend speaker if you are looking for high quality portable audio.
Sound quality--
It\'s very big. -
If you want to get out of something like Beats Pill, make this speaker a great choice.
But for many potential buyers, a design that extends battery life and is sturdy will guarantee the success of the deal. For worry-
TREMOR is a great investment for audio lovers to use outdoors for free.
If you would like to learn the contrast between Dreamwave tremor and the largest, strongest and most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker, keep an eye on it.
In the next few months, I will be releasing showdown on the head of the tremor --to-
In battle, fight against people like Fugoo Tough XL no matter what, to make the most of the music on your smartphone.
Disclosure: DreamWave provides tremor for review purposes.
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