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11 1v Lithium Polymer Batteries

by:HGB     2020-10-29

As we learnt with the connection between voltage and cells within the NiMH batteries, LiPos are the same however the voltage for a single LiPo cell is 3.7v (not 1.2v like NiMH batteries) so the voltages available are reduced. His smallest triangle pack of 20R’s is restricted to 40A for long life , but if you can match the large triangle pack, you may also get 40A from the more inexpensive 22P cell.

Fortunately for us, each of these elements may be controlled to make batteries final so long as possible. The following simple steps can be taken to drastically increase the lifetime of practically any lithium-ion batteries. LiPo batteries ought to last between 300 and 500 charge cycles depending on the utilization of your drone, battery quality and the way well you maintain them.

If your batteries stop working well after only a few cycles, this means they could possibly be broken, defective or poor quality, and you need to cease utilizing them instantly. Extreme temperatures can intervene with the battery's efficiency and lifespan. When you are charging, do it at room temperature. That means avoiding cold garages or basements or areas near direct daylight or warmth sources, too. The battery itself should be at room temperature when you charge it and when you use it.

If your charger has a storage charge setting that can routinely cost the battery to the correct storage voltage and you’re not going to make use of the battery for longer than a week put it on storage charge. Discharging is just about another word for using your car, as you drive the car is discharging the battery, though you possibly can discharge it by way of a smart charger as nicely. When charging a NiMH battery with this method the charger knows when the battery is full and might cease charging, meaning it could possibly charge at a a lot higher fee without overcharging the battery.

If you've just exhausted a battery, let it cool completely earlier than making an attempt to recharge it. Never overcharge your battery to more than four.2V per cell or discharge past 3V. (Inexpensive battery checkers are simple to seek out on Amazon.) Both could cause everlasting injury to the battery.

If a battery puffs or swells while charging , it's damaged and shouldn't be used. Treat your lithium polymer batteries well and they'll deliver hours and hours of flying excitement.

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