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by:HGB     2020-10-04

An alternator feeding an LFP bank is like attempting to SPRINT the entire 26 mile marathon. If you determine on LFP, it is best designed and put in as a system. A good system design will virtually at all times embody an alternator set up that's suitably designed for that part of the charging system. During the course of our testing & experimentation with LFP battery banks I blew approximately $400.00 price of MRBF, ANL and Class-T fuses. In this photograph we will see the battery financial institution and the red 2/zero wire feeding the Class-T fuse holder.

If you do, that is nice, and I would steer you in that path every single day of the week. Here we're looking at a Yanmar 4 cylinder engine with a Balmar / Alt Mount serpentine conversion and a Balmar AT collection 165A alternator. The Balmar AT sequence is a hairpin wound small case alternator. Into an LFP bank even an alternator like this wants safety.

To not exceed 240F, earlier than going to external rectification, I controlled this by limiting its max potential using Balmar’s Belt Load Manager function. This stored the alternator from melting itself down and extended its helpful life. In the end I was going to must be a large frame excessive-obligation alternator similar to a big frame Balmar or the very reasonably priced CMI-ED200-ER or external rectification. Fabricating a customized bracket for a big frame alt was more of a project, time clever, than going externally rectified, so I chose that route as a substitute. Universal & Westerbeke recommend the biggest alternator they need to see on their engines is 190A.

At a bare minimum you need to be using Class-T fuses as your primary bank safety for an LFP financial institution. Upon perusing their shiny web site, which, advertising wise, suggests these batteries may be dropped into any situation or utility, we could not find the cost guidance anywhere. This image contains some very crucial and essential bullet factors copied word for word from a “Drop-In Battery” charge steering document. A doc the reader who despatched it to me received only AFTER purchasing the batteries. Of course you also have to understand that many balancing BMS’s don’t begin to steadiness till 3.6VPC.

Yanmar has no such advisory that we now have been able to find. With correct regulation you can run a 225A + alternator present restricted to 190A, and do this all day lengthy. The Balmar AT collection was lately changed with the new Balmar XT sequence and these are probably the greatest small case alternators you should purchase for LFP. At the moment they're the most effective suited small body internally rectified alternator, obtainable for an LFP bank. Unfortunately many sailboats don’t have the room for an enormous massive body alternator with exterior custom brackets etc.

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