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15 Things Every Lipo Battery User Should Know

by:HGB     2020-08-02

Battery manufacturers often advocate you don’t discharge your battery under a certain minimal voltage. This minimum voltage is called the cut-off voltage. Many producers suggest the cut-off voltage for lipos to be 3.0 Volts.

Connect your battery’s stability results in the steadiness port on the charger. Batteries are given a maximum steady present ranking and a maximum burst present score.

The capacity of a battery decreases as the current draw increases. This implies that if your capacity is 3000 mAh for a constant three Amp present draw, then your capacity will be lower than 3000 mAh when you draw a relentless 6 Amps or a continuing 30 Amps.

The continuous present rating tells you ways the utmost secure current your battery can discharge for long durations of time. The burst ranking tells you the utmost present your battery can discharge for short intervals of time (10 seconds). This current – the present required to discharge a battery in 1 hour – is outlined as a rate of 1C. If you discharge your battery at higher currents than that, your capacity goes down.

A good charger will scale back the chances of fire and improve the life of your batteries. The SkyRC iMax B6AC v2 is a well-liked, good high quality charger. Set your current – Remember, 1C is recommended except the battery producer says in any other case. Charging with too high a current can also be harmful. Some chargers could have you select between balance charging and non-balance charging.

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