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60mm×280mm Three 2v 40ah 60ah 100ah Lifepo4

by:HGB     2020-10-03

I ran a capability check approx each 50 cycles via 1000 cycles and now it's each 100 cycles. Too much work every 50 cycles, even fora financial institution used for instructional functions as this one is. We lately ended a really expensive experiment relating to storage at a hundred% SOC. The take a look at duration wound up being 12 half months utilizing four 100Ah CALB SE cells where they were charged to one hundred% SOC and then left to sit down idle with no connections to a BMS or other parasitic hundreds.

The low temp recorded over the 12 1/2 months was forty six°F and the high temp was 87°F. This take a look at was meant to be a illustration of the true wold. Okay you’ve heard me talk about how to safely charge these batteries when used as home banks at factional “C” utilization, and here’s a main instance of what I am speaking about. Of course additionally they make their very own line of LFP batteries. Perhaps their experience with LFP opened their eyes to including dedicated voltage sensing on-board their I/C’s.

I hesitate to check this capacity figure to the previous eleven capability checks however it was very close to them. From any 400Ah rated financial institution with 550 cycles on it that is one thing I would have by no means believed, had I not done the testing myself. We finally invested in a number of lab grade DC digital loads, with battery testing capability, as well as a completely computerized discharged capacity testing station $$$$. What a world of difference, the accuracy of these devices is amazing, however they don't seem to be cheap. With LiFePO4 holding the present steady, whereas capability testing the financial institution, is less critical due to the very, very low Peukert-like effect.

In ABSORPTION / CV the battery determines how a lot current can circulate at a specific SOC and terminal voltage. Ideally the main financial institution over present safety needs to be within 7″ of the battery financial institution but as we are able to see here that is usually inconceivable. There is technically greater than 7″ of wire to get from the + battery publish to the Class-T fuse here. Is this an unsafe installation, hell no, but sometimes the standards are slightly to broad brushed to apply realistically to the real world so we do one of the best we can.

The area wire from the regulator is what drives the alternator so, by limiting the aptitude of the sphere wires maximum potential you in turn restrict how much current the alternator can drive. This is an easy adjustment in the settings menu and ought to be made when the alternator has been run up to temp.

In order to run a capacity take a look at you'll need a load plus a method to monitor Ah’s. You may even need a method to monitor particular person cell voltages and cut the take a look at off when voltage drops on the lowest cell to 2.8V -3.0V where ever you resolve. With this initial capability take a look at I now had a stable baseline from which to observe modifications over time.

It is not necessary to test these cells at a .25C, .5C or 1C rate because the use on a vessel, as a home financial institution, will draw significantly less than that. Using higher C charges simply makes the testing ever so barely shorter in period.

This is precisely what occurs when you don’t current limit an alternator that will be feeding a LiFePo4 financial institution. Here the magnet wire coating has actually been cooked proper off the stator windings. This happened on an AGM financial institution and this was a factory dumb regulated alternator with no built-in thermal compensation. Balmar calls this BELT LOAD MANAGER. It was previously referred to as AMP MANAGER, which I nonetheless feel is a greater term, however it works for both belts and saving the lifetime of your alternator. Field potential limiting lets you basically derate the output of your alternator by limiting the utmost subject potential to the alternator.

The battery case draw bars match into the notches within the battery cells and compress the cells with 5/16″ SS threaded rod. The square aluminum stock is half″ aluminum square tube which locks the cells in place and fits this maintain down clamping mechanism. Here’s a shot of the empty battery compartment, easy, clear and with hold down clamps that do not allow for any motion of the put in battery. These banks have the power to throw massive quantities of current into a useless short so where and how the battery is mounted is an important aspect of the set up. #2 They then go on to counsel setting a float voltage at thirteen.8V.

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