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by:HGB     2020-10-02

Either method, the reader above discovered the exhausting way that drop-in batteries aren't all the time “drop-in”. Ask yourself what happens when your alternator is in bulk charge, supplying all the current it could, and the interior BMS decides to “open circuit” or disconnect the battery from the boat?

Running a lead-acid battery to zero cost causes additional pressure. Each cycle wears down the battery and depletes its service life.

For a home battery, on a cruising boat that ventures off-shore, and is powering crucial navigation and safety gear, this will create a harmful scenario. A non-communicable BMS is one that may not talk externally with the vessels charge and cargo systems, and even you the owner. Some batteries are now that includes Bluetooth monitoring but this still requires you the owner to be watching it.

three.2V 100AH LiFePO4 Battery can be utilized to Electric vehicles and other energy storage areas. These Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, produced by GeePower right here in China, are rated at greater than 2000 recharge cycles, may be assembled in series and parallels with a battery management system . A lithium-ion battery is predicted to last the lifetime of a vehicle. To keep the battery, CTEK offers the CTEK Lithium US charger. It’s patented eight-step program checks battery condition and charges and maintains to ensure maximum battery life and efficiency.

You are studying that accurately, this large 8D form issue LiFePO4 battery was only able to a 100A discharge and a max brief period charge of 100A. To maintain the BMS cool, and the cells balanced, the manufacturer has a “beneficial” cost rate of 15A to 50A for a 300Ah battery. Again, this is not a limitation of the cells inside the battery it's a limitation due to the cheap FET primarily based BMS that is used to guard this battery. The image below is a prime instance of how boat house owners, without enough knowledge, can get burned shopping for LiFePO4 batteries.

When in doubt with FET primarily based BMS methods smaller batteries in parallel are a better answer than one giant battery with a low current rated BMS. GeePower®144V 100AH LiFePO4 Lithium Polymer Car Battery Pack is assembled by 48pcs 3.2V 100AH battery cell in sequence.

He just ordered it primarily based on it’s 8D format, the claim that it was a precise drop-in alternative for his lead acid 8D battery, and the 300Ah capacity ranking. When it comes to FET based mostly BMS batteries we all the time advise smaller individual batteries, in parallel, to share the load throughout the FET primarily based BMS’s. For instance three 100Ah 1C rated LFP drop-ins can theoretically deal with a 300A discharge, if the parallel wiring is ideal and all batteries share the load equally. A 300Ah 8D format drop-in, just like the one addressed below, can actually only deal with a 50A (0.17C) cost and a 100A (zero.33C) discharge.

We have been consulted by an owner who purchased a 300A drop-in battery from a “reputable manufacturer“. During the transaction, he had no consultation with the manufacturer and no questions were asked by the re-seller.

I have discussed future adjustments with a few drop-in producers, who are actively working on making these batteries higher fitted to marine home bank use. These modifications, include heavier responsibility inside BMS switching, and external communication to avoid harmful and damaging voltage transients upon a BMS disconnect & some are already utilizing UL examined cells. If it seems to good to be true, and it's sourced from eBay or Ali xxxxx it in all probability is. At this time limit I still urge a very, very sturdy Caveat emptor for eBay, AliXpess grade, LFP drop-in’s for use on cruising boats. In many circumstances sure, however not fairly ideal yet for a cruising boat.

three) The producers, for apparent reasons, need a brief absorption voltage length, some as short as just 2 minutes. With mA stage balancing current, two minutes just isn't plenty of time to re-steadiness cells so they rely upon the battery attending to the steadiness voltage with each excursion to 100% SoC. If it does not get to a balancing voltage, the battery cells can become out of stability and will by no means catch up. #5 Non-Communicable BMS – This one is probably the most irritating facet on-board a cruising boat.

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