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by:HGB     2020-10-02

After all, their internal BMS board says right on it “Made in China” , the cells are “Made in China” , the plastic battery case is also made in China. Perhaps “Engineered & Assembled within the USA” can be a lot simpler pill to swallow? The battery itself does actually say; “Engineered & Assembled in USA”. However, the website nonetheless says, and references, “Made in USA”.

Even of your alternator gained’t get fried by a BMS load dump the units on that bus could also be damaged. When it involves FET primarily based BMS batteries we typically advise smaller individual batteries, in parallel, to share the load throughout the FET based mostly BMS’s. Companies which might be re-stickering, what are essentially streetlight pole batteries, as “marine grade” do not use heavy obligation contactors inside these batteries. What you'll be able to often discover is a diminutive 100A continuous rated FET based switching BMS installed inside a 300Ah LFP battery.

If you possibly can afford to purchase drop-in LFP batteries you may also afford to guard your alternator from a BMS load dump. Even in case your alternator has avalanche diodes, like the Balmar’s do, what's the voltage the place they start to avalanche to guard the alternator? Typically, this voltage is considerably larger than you’ll ever need to see on the DC hundreds bus.

For boaters this can mean the low-grade “orphaned” or “rejected” cells wind up in batteries which will look the identical but are offered on Ali-xxxx, eBay or through different less respected sources. Ai-xxxxx has literally turn into the dumping grounds for reject cells and batteries from the Chinese factories. They get away with this as a result of they know the overwhelming majority of consumers have no method properly to check them. As a US business owner, I still have some qualms, with what I contemplate, a degree of dishonesty Battleborn puts forth with their “Made in USA” claim. I don’t really understand how the FTC is allowing them to get away with this?

This one makes use of two 10GA wires for its 120A continuous ranking. All 120A has to pass by way of that 10AG wire, the PCB and the FET’s. Unfortunately, for our business, most of the “A” graded LFP cells used in the plethora of Chinese drop-ins, are sold into the road lighting trade.

This is what a 120A rated, one of many greatest currently obtainable, internal FET based BMS boards sometimes appears like with the warmth sinks removed. The blue wires connect to the neg end of the cell string and the black wires are connected to the exterior negative battery post.

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