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Discover Aes Lifepo4 Lithium Ion Battery

by:HGB     2020-09-14

three, no true; you are risking over-charging the battery at c/a hundred and greater than 10 hours. when i opened the divice i found a li ion battery 3.7v 800ma reference stilo b001011. AFAIK Li-ion doesn't have memory effect they usually have PMS circuit constructed-in so don’t overcharge. i observe (via an software) that my smartphone is reaching till 4191 volts throughout re-charging the battery by usb cable. Thank you in your time and efforts—I very a lot recognize the above instruction.

Electric house heaters, for instance, are all a hundred% efficient because it's their meant function to give off warmth, so none of the power they consume is “wasted”. I think one of the simplest ways to find out if it is actually absolutely charged is to take it off, leave it off for a couple of hours, after which put it again on and see if it takes more cost (purple as an alternative of green).

For the DC motor operation that is nice - as voltage drops, then max pace drops, and is of no concern to me. So if a 3.7v expenses to four.2v, a 7.4v would probably want 8.4v. don’t know about model numbers, but since 12v is less than 12.6v max, I would assume it must be protected to depart it connected there indefinitely. I recently purchased a brand new 3,7V ,1650mAh samsung battery for mai GALAXY S , I’ll wait your reply before first battery use. Their suggestion to fully drain it monthly is senseless for getting probably the most out of the battery, but it may be helpful for calibrating the telephone.

I even have also replaced the battery however the problem remains.Kindly information me. Same with discharging…It discharges to 30% usually and inside 5 minutes it shows 15%. It charges to 82% in about 2 hours half-hour and all of a sudden inside 5 minutes it shows 100%.

@Juan, sure, in your case I suggest plugging it in whenever convenient. There isn't any benefit to unplugging it for the aim of intentionally discharging the battery.

Second, while also utilizing the first suggestion, search for an app that alerts you when the telephone voltage reaches a sure point, like 4.1v for instance, and unplug it at that time. Efficiency is how much of the vitality consumed is being used for the desired function.

2) over-voltage on a cell can cause plating, but I’m not going above four.2VDC. You’re proper its a power supply for the phone I was referring to. Charging from USB port, it says the battery is straight away full when its empty. You also may contemplate getting your self a reasonable digital multimeter, if solely to search out out what present every of those mixtures really are.

People are typically less involved with what number of years their battery will last, than what number of hours it'll last, and can usually throw out the whole telephone in two years anyway. He’s of the opinion that I’m in all probability screwing up my batteries.

I don’t know…you reply is quite clear and I know the better way is to not use the battery however I’d like to know your reply in this situation. As for temperature, I personally really feel that the warmth is generated extra by the cellphone than by the battery. Put a healthy battery in a cellphone and use it onerous for a couple of hours, and the phone itself will elevate the temp of the battery, just because the battery is contained in the telephone.

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