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by:HGB     2020-11-11

And once more, I don’t think there’s a certain proportion the place the battery reaches that point, but that it in all probability depends on how fast you're charging it. Also how low before it’s too low, it may nicely be I ought to be chsrging at forty% but I dont know what ia the ideal voltage ro cost to delay battery life. I suppose the one way to know for positive, can be to first ensure it actually is totally fully topped off, then don’t use it, and time precisely how long it takes to go useless, which might be several days. This would let you know it’s most runtime, which might be indicative of the utmost capacity. Then you can quick cost it, and unplug it as quickly because it hits 4.19, and see once more how long it lasts.

Btw I am not a geek and that's the reason my peanut brain couldn’t understand the above clarification. Before buying this Li-Ion battery, I did not know that my “smart” charger from CTEK is not appropriate. But if I have understood the manufactures charging directions right, I may use my old common charger that gives 13,2V and max 7A. Fred you definitely have to get a proper charger rated for the battery.You will compromise the battery life and probably cause different issues documented right here and elsewhere.

please someone give correct info about using new lithium ion battery for the first time. it’s summer time here where i am and despite the fact that the temperature is only 20C in my phone the battery temperature is usually in low to mid 30C’s and that i’ve noticed a dramatic drop in my battery life judging by the voltage.

I needed to restart the process this morning, to complete the charge, however impossible. When i read the voltage, it is indicated 1.eight V, that means the battery is dead. The battery was disconnected, in a closed plastic box, with good temperature.

In “off” mode the lead acid cells had been placed in sequence and the charger offered eighty four volts. The most cost-effective charger I could find will solely do 6s or 6 cells in sequence max. I even have a question regarding how a lot the life time shall be effected in an UPS battery which wants to keep up a “totally charged battery” for a long period of time. Does charging your battery to eighty% and discharging it to 50% make it final 3 times longer than it would if I charged it all the way in which to 100% and discharge it to 10%?

Reading all the lithium articles it doesnt precisely clarify my scenario simply that when you didcharge to 2.5v regularly ie recharge shortly after the self discharge is just 8mv per day conpared7to 8mv for a brand new battery. There’s no information on one which has been left in low voltage state of 3.4v then recharged months later. Does a lithium battery utilized in a golf cart have to be horizontal for charging or is vertical ok. Actually producers require charging the cell ABOVE zero levels Celsius. The zero.8C is a straightforward a way of to speak about cost and discharge charges for batteries.

So it gained’t hurt the battery or the charger circuit inside the phone. Worst case, your battery gained’t get totally charged or received’t charge in any respect if 5V is just too low for the charger circuit. The phone will never draw that a lot out of it, so you have some spare. I even have charged the battery yesterday in circumstances C/2 in CC ( Constant Current step, 4.4 Amps of cost present), then max voltage when CV step equals to four.2 V. I actually have began the cost, then stopped it as needed to get again to residence. When I stopped it, it was entered within the CV step, but wasn’t finished (not yet arrived to zero.03 Capacity conditions) .

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