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by:HGB     2020-09-12

I would quite substitute a $forty battery than pay a $200 service charge. On the opposite hand, you might be doing something irregular with your batteries - the batteries don’t like it - you might be looking for explanations.

Your scooter attracts 70 amp and you batteries provides a total of 84 a/h, or simply over one hour @ peak . I had a 48V 800Ah system a few years back and tapped in at 12V to run my stereo, ran it 2.1 config, 2 bridged 700W pioneer automotive amps for left and right and a third 700W for devoted base. Could hear it kilometers away (the benefits of dwelling in the bush the place the closest neighbor is 50K south) All the purist mentioned it will not work however did for a couple of years anyway.

the SOC of 48V batteries block over 25% (49V for AGM). I assume the alarm want a reboot to reset the low battery alert. I can’t understand why I should abuse the primary connection batteries. I Have fifty four battery ( 2.2 volt and 250AH) linked in seri, and 15 of them are beneath 2 volt. 9.6 - 10.8V, (9,6V for top currents), the problem above disappears.

You be much better off posing you question on A hangout for these building eBikes and battery techniques. My plan was to leave every thing related and just connect the pump on just one battery + and - as and when wanted. I actually have 24v Solar panels related to the 24v cost controller. I am looking on getting the longest amount of time on the lake before I even have to paddle.

Started out using it as a homing beacon whilst metal detecting for gold. The common automotive fridge draws 2.5amp and are historically wired to a second 100AH battery. For longer life of your inverter open it up and use a Quality PCB surface spray as this reduces corrosion and eventual shorts. The shop replaced my volt batteries with volt batteries. Just took the RV out for a long weekend and the batteries saved blowing the 30 amp a/c fuse or the trailer.

Ha Ha… I perceive speed #1 would obtain that however lets assume #four since that's the 40 AMP setting. When the rocker switch is on 12 volts it would be utilizing my #1 and #2 batteries then on 24 volts it would use all four batteries. Connecting one terminal of a battery or not connecting one terminal has no effect on the battery. Now on the lookout for the supplier to order repacement cell. It is essential to equalize the batteries periodically and verify the SGs.

If you should exchange batteries, you possibly can simply buy a set, and exchange them when dead. If the light unit is supplied with an external jack it should have on it the voltage and which part of the jack is adverse.

I suspect that one batteries within the sizzling financial institution may have developed an inside short. This morning, I seen a strong pungent odor in the storage area and found that one of the battery financial institution string was extraordinarily sizzling which prompted me to disconnect it instantly. I actually have a battery/inverter set up in my garage comprising the following gadgets. This battery has a wire soldered at each finish which is then soldered to two points on the circuit board and is used to keep up knowledge when the machine is shut down so it's there upon startup. I have a major circuit board in a machine that over a year or two ultimately drains a three.6v lithium AA measurement down to 1.4V.

Adjust the equalization so that the SGs come up but don’t overdo it. There are also batteries in the marketplace which are described as deep cycle that have constructive plates with special alloy grids and special separators, that can achieve 800 cycles primarily based on 2X18 hole golf duty per day. There are batteries available on the market which are described as deep cycle but are actually regular batteries with thicker plates. So Santosh, no you'll be able to’t join a 55V and 40V supply in parallel.

after I modified all electrolytic capacitors to 100V (and Power FET to 80A/100V). I had one e-bike with AGM 3x12V 10Ah defective battery, 36V system. the adverse connected to the last battery & all in between open. But yeah, I believe you should keep the chemistry, V and Ah the identical when paralleling. The C-price (cont. & max) are the identical, they can't be change inside the battery.

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