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Lifepo Four Car And Truck Batteries For Sale

by:HGB     2020-09-30

This really defeats the aim of “charging quick” or even having an LFP bank if you wish to capitalize on the fast & efficient charging LFP batteries can supply. Due to the extremely low inside resistance of LFP batteries, and the extraordinarily flat voltage curve, LFP banks can simply tax an alternator to dying, if not properly installed.

The high acceptance rate of LFP batteries will force the alternator to be in BULK charge mode for the vast majority of the cost cycle, (relies upon upon amperage/dimension) earlier than even attaining absorption voltage. The graph below is from a University white paper the place they did some somewhat abusive endurance testing. They charged Winston Prismatic cells to 3.8VPC – 4.0VPC after which immediately discharged them to 2.9VPC or 0% SOC.

Accurate voltage sensing permits the regulator to see an correct reflection of the battery terminal voltage, provided you wire it appropriately. Some manufacturing unit alternators have a inbuilt temp compensator and it resides within the voltage regulator circuitry to scale back present / voltage because the alternator heats up.

The backside line is to maintain them stored at cooler temps and do not retailer or hold them at a high SoC. High storage state of cost, and excessive temps during storage, can accelerate LFP shelf life degradation. It is feasible, underneath the right circumstances, that a ship proprietor might never get the claimed cycles with out calendar life eating away on the capability. By far the biggest con I even have discovered for LFP is relearning the human conduct we developed on lead acid batteries.

The cells survived for 950 cycles before reaching finish of life as outlined in the study. Top balancing, even at three.600VPC must be carefully monitored. Like equalizing flooded batteries you merely do not wish to depart them unattended at these voltages for lengthy durations of time. Once the cells hit three.600VPC (three.800 VPC in image) you might want to adjust your power supply, very rigorously, so it doesn't overshoot goal top-stability voltage. The qualifier for my 400Ah cells is that they’ve never been saved at a high SoC nor in temps exceeding 80F so for LFP shelf life they've really had ideal situations.

Voltage for SoC is pretty much meaningless, for many homeowners, with LFP, until bear the highest or backside. You really don’t wish to float LFP, in a lead acid manner, so, unlearn float. Get out of the habit of routinely charging to full, it’s just not necessary, like it is with lead acid. Just put within the energy you need for the next day or two and cease. Stop worrying about not being able to start your motor with a low battery.

I purposely began our Westerbeke 44HP diesel at the zero% SoC point of two.9VPC and did so 12 occasions in a row. After a dozen begins I simply gave up because I got bored. The battery may have delivered many more begins even at zero% SoC. Enjoy the piece and quiet sail again to the mooring or marina on the finish of your cruise. Where these chargers also fall flat, as most lead acid chargers do, is within the lack of a devoted voltage sense lead.

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