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Lipo Batteries

by:HGB     2020-07-24

Unfortunately, it seems like yours would not have that function, so it might be sensible to look at getting an new charger in the end simply to forestall this concern from arising. If you would like a suggestion be happy to contact our tech department.

Micro processor controlled chargers will ‘float’ a battery after full cost. This is often ~thirteen.4 volts with little to no present.

Firstly, is this present setup prone to damage Optima via lack of charging output. And if that's the case would an in car BC/DC charger resolve the problem. When I head off on a trip I even have the battery totally charged.

Michael Trivette I have a Kangaroo golf cart and it recommends a 12v Deep Cycle Gel with a minimum 31ah. The current one doesn't hold a charge for a whole 18 holes of golf. BatteryStuff Tech It might be both the charger or the batteries. Most marine good chargers have in-built time limits to prevent chargers from being in operation for prolonged amounts of time.

I limped via last summer having to cost to cart each 18 holes. I haave recently read about de sulfating the batteris. I was serious about trying this before I spring for new batteries. Can you advocate a product to do this and if I can use the cart charger when doing this or would I have to cost the batteries individually.

However, if you want to know what resting voltage (off charger) on the battery itself is considered full cost, please check with this article for the reply. Jerry Anderson I even have a Yamaha golf cart I purchased four yrs in the past. Last winter I parked the cart in my heated storage and didn't recharge the batteries during the three 1/2 month interval. By spring the batteries had been so discharged thatmy cart charger wouldn't work. I used a automotive battery charger to cost the four 12V batteries separately.

Eithew way I would also counsel taking your batteries to an area battery store to have them tested, so you possibly can decide if it is the charger or the batteries. If you do not, the battery sulfates, which is able to affect performance and longevity. It works well if the battery isn't deeply discharged. The alternator tends to overcharge batteries which are very low and the overcharge can injury batteries. In truth, an engine-starting battery on average has only about 10 deep cycles obtainable when recharged by an alternator.

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