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by:HGB     2020-07-23

if the ni-mh cell fully charged, the voltage should be above 1.35V in a single hour. That showed the Tenergy light blue cells had no helpful capability left.

Each winter, the “miles available” is less than summer season (Nernst equation, for sure), however this 12 months the discount is bigger. Also, the battery behaves as expected for the primary quarter-cost, but falls off rapidly as soon because it goes below seventy five% charge (I’ve heard that this happens to some batteries). I even have a 14.4v nicad 1.2 amh battery for my draper electrical drill, the nicad pack has gone to heaven and will no longer maintain a cost. I thought maybe it was the milli-Amp hours ranking (mAh). The charger will work with 2200 and 2300 mAh batteries but the ones that I am making an attempt to charge are 3000 mAh.

I used a ZTS battery tester, which places a load on the cells. I’m asking if these cells that arrive showing 1.0v are worth attempting to place into common use.

So far, they appear to carry cost for a minimum of a week or so—checking with a ZTS tester. Tenergy proper now could be closing out old-dtyle NiMH cells (mild blue wrapper, decrease case “e” on the label).

C is the capacity of the battery in mah so .1C of 1000mah battery is the gradual cost fee of 100ma. My apologies to Ed as I even have no intent to hijack his board.

2) I recommend you charge batteries at that very same fee as they are drained in most if not all circumstances. Never exceed the producers specs if listed. The solely time I would charge at a better price than 1A is when time mattered. Higher charge rates enhance temperature which is detrimental typically.

I simply love charging batteries and located the science, a few of which is explained very properly on this web site, fascinating. Something with my OCD should kick-in after I see an uncharged battery.

The problem we discovered is that a few of the batteries (possibly few out of 6) will died off regardless of we cost it beneath scorching solar, indoor, or air-conditional room. Voltage of affected batteries will lies between zero.01V - 0.04V. These batteries still can be recharge until 1.4V, nevertheless, there might be higher probability for these batteries to interrupt down again in future deployment. If you'll be able to fit a 2100mah battery in there, and it appears like you can since you are inquiring about AA batteries, I don’t see any cause to not use it.

Dear Jerry ,It appears to me you are very skilled at the ni-mh battery. for my part,NDV hold 5mv per cell at .5C and 1C will good to control the cost reduce off. I even have found a solar cell for battery charging that seems to be center floor in terms of Volts (5V), Amps (40mAh) & bodily measurement (58mm x 39mm), which works properly with my design.

Battery is brand new it's first cost after discharging in RC car. Car is set to cutoff at three.0V, however it gained’t go after I actually have driven it for 10 min. verify the unhealthy cells have lower voltage (less than 1v) and analyse if the cells if ok or bad.

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